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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Promo Distribution for Post-Release Determined

Hey everyone!
  So considering I only got two Mayor of Avabruck promos, I decided to re-think how the promo distribution would be done. On the plus side, I have ten Ludevic's Test Subject promos as well. So here's what we'll do for promo distribution:

1) We won't distribute the promos until after the tournament ends.
2) The top 2 players who did not attend a Pre-Release will each get a Mayor of Avabruck promo.
3) Everyone else will receive Ludevic's Test Subject promos in the order in which they sign up on Saturday while quantities last.

I hated to limit the Mayors this way, but considering I only have 2 I'd rather not just give them out to the fastest 2 people to sign up. Considering their "rarity" (as I usually get at least 5-7 Pre-Release promos), I thought it best to treat them more like prizes.

What does everyone think? Do you think this is a fair way to handle the distribution of such a low-quantity promo?

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