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We're a local unofficial Magic gathering group in Hixson, TN.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

End of Year Schedule PLUS Christmas Tournament Announcement

As we approach the end of the year, we need to get the schedule of events that help round out our upcoming festive month.

4th: Casual Day
11th: Christmas Tournament! See the rules below. Also, last league of 2010!
18th: Off Day
25th: Christmas Day!!!! I hope you enjoy the day with friends, family, and loved ones.

1st: Casual Day. Show off any new cards you got over the Christmas break. :)
Rest of Month: TBD

Okay, so the big thing here...THE CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT!

If you can guess by now, you're gonna build Red- and Green-themed decks. But if I leave it completely open, I'm afraid I'll get some Jund variant that's not really a lot of fun to play. So let's help the fun factor a bit:

2) Singleton, meaning only one copy of any card unless it's a Basic Land.

3)  Un- cards are okay except for Granny's Payback.

4) The only legal colors are Red and/or Green. No Colorless cards, and no multi-colored cards that you cannot use Red and/or Green mana exclusively to pay for any and all costs on the card (including mana cost).

5) You may only make Green and/or Red mana from your mana sources. If you make any other color, you get 1 Colorless mana instead for that color.

6) Your deck cannot be mono-colored: You must have a mix of Red and Green (and/or Red/Green multicolor) cards in the deck. I have no mandated ratio of Red-to-Green cards, but be honest with yourself: If 99% of your deck is Red, chances are it's gonna come across as a mono-Red deck splashing Green for one or two cards.

7) "Christmas Gift" 1: If you run all Snow-Covered Forests and Snow-Covered Mountains as your lands, you may start the game with 1 extra card in hand and increase your maximum hand size by 1.

8) "Christmas Gift" 2: If you include Goblin Snowman in your deck, you may start the game with 1 extra card in hand and increase your maximum hand size by 1.

NOTE: The "gifts" accumulate, so having all Snow-Covered Forests and Snow-Covered Mountains PLUS Goblin Snowman will give you 2 extra cards in hand at the start of each game and increase your maximum hand size by 2.

I will do some kind of hand-out, but I'm not sure what I'll do. I've got promos left over, so I may do that but I'm not sure which ones to use. Regardless, I'll do something.

Oh, did I mention? Cost is free! Who can argue with that in the month of Christmas? ;)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cube Draft Version Poll #1: Lotus Bloom vs. Lion's Eye Diamond

Here's the first in a series I'm hoping to do to help us with keeping the Cube going strong and healthy.

Every so often, usually once a week, I'll post a poll asking about either A) preferred versions of cards in the Cube, B) Replacements vs. what's in the cube currently, or C) preferred "proxies" of cards that should be in the Cube.

This first poll takes the last option: The preferred proxy for a card that should be in.

I don't have a Black Lotus...yet. But we can get awful close to it with a few cards in the game.

The card I've got in right now is Lotus Bloom:

Lotus Bloom is literally the Suspend version of Black Lotus. Suspend it, and 3 turns later you get a Black Lotus. The only problem is speed: In the late game, Lotus Bloom could be a dead draw.

On the other hand, we've got this to consider for replacement...

Lion's Eye Diamond has the same "get into play QUICK" speed as Black Lotus, but at a steep cost early: you have to discard your entire hand.

BUT...with enough good mana-costing abilities on permanents you've got, and late in the game, it could be worth the hand discard, especially when you could use it the turn it comes down.

So what do you all think? Does Lotus Bloom stay, or do we want to try Lion's Eye Diamond?

Put up a post below and I'll count up the responses in the next week or two.

Until then, take care!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Opinions Wanted: Cube Draft Changes?

Hey guys!
  I want to get some feel on what you feel our Cube needs in order to move it forward and get some variety into the format.

  Currently, blue reigns supreme. The reason it wasn't supported too well this last draft? Because we all had to make a conscious decision to pass up Blue cards. It seems like it didn't matter what Blue cards went around, we had to force ourselves into other colors.

  So what I want, using specific card examples, is:

  1) How can we punish Blue a bit more?
  2a) Is control in general (not just in Blue) too much of an influence? If so, what control-type cards always seem to make it in?
  2b) What aggro/combo cards would you suggest adding to the Cube to help combat control cards?
  3) Is there any effect that's normally "off color" (i.e.: Not normal for that color) that you'd like to see? If so, what is an example(s) of it?

I'm already planning changes for the next cube, including:

1) Taking out cards that never hit the Main Decks. There's no point in including cards that always get put off to the side.
2) Adding Scars of Mirrodin cards, including all 3 Planeswalkers, Molten-Tail Masticore, and Mimic Vat.
3) Replacing Lotus Bloom with another 0-mana artifact that makes 3 of any one color. (sorry to get your hopes up, but it's not that card. Though I am shooting to get one eventually. :)  )
4) Upgrades to current cards, like an original Rorix Bladewing, foil Urza's Saga Avalanched Riders, and a fairly nice upgrade to a dual land.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Let's make the Cube something that's fun no matter when and how we draft. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cube Draft 4 Next Saturday!

Well, apparently we just love the Cube. Yay! That means we get to do this more often, and I'm definitely not opposed to that.

November 13th will be our 4th Cube Draft. The rules are simple: I'll make "Packs" of 15-25 cards each built from certain cards from my collection. We'll draft with 3 "Packs" like we would if we had opened 3 packs of any set. We'll follow our normal draft rules (except no picking a card you "open").

The entry fee will be $2, and prizes will come from Scars of Mirrodin pack splits.

As always, I'll have some additions and replacements to the Cube. For example...

1) A special version of Lightning Bolt.
2) A red Mythic gets a foil upgrade.
3) The oldest, cheapest Black land destruction.
4) One new Mox...but which one??

Guess you'll have to play on the 13th to find out that and more. See ya then!