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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some (Long Overdue) Updates

Hey guys!
  It's been a while since I've done any updates. I apologize for that. School's been so hectic that I haven't had much time for anything else.

1) Innistrad League: I will have some preliminary procedures for Innistrad League this Friday, 11/11.

2) A bit of release news, we've had the front cover for Premium Deck Series: Graveborn. It confirms Entomb as a reprint alongside Buried AliveCrosis, the PurgerAvatar of Woe (for its 5th reprinting and its 4th in about 2 years' time), and even an alternate art Animate Dead!

Image from DailyMTG.com
Also, on MTGSalvation.com, it's rumored that there will indeed be 1 Mythic Rare and it will be from Shards of Alara block. (Like we need any more foil Alara reprints??) The big contenders for that spot are Thraximundar, Sedris, the Traitor King, Sphinx of the Steel Wind, and Empyrial Archangel.

We'll see which Mythic gets the nod, along with possibly the full decklist, this upcoming Monday. I'll post the list when it goes up, so stay tuned!

3) Next Saturday, November 19th, we will not be meeting at the church for SMM.

4) I need tournament ideas. If you've got something you want to try, let me know and I'll see where I can fit it into the schedule. Remember, though, that you need to have at minimum rules and tournament procedures ready 2 weeks before the tournament date minimum. If you want something to go up for a vote, let me know and I'll post a poll here and on Facebook.

5) Personal request more than anything: I'm looking to pick up a Tundra (yeah, I know, that's ironic considering I traded my then-"extra" one. lol!). I'll take it in any condition, language, etc. as long as it's sleeve-playable. Cheapest tournament-playable versions are much more preferable. lol! I can trade toward it or mix cash and trades. E-mail me (CardGameNut@gmail.com) if you can help out.

That does it for me for now. Any comments or questions feel free to post them here or E-mail me.

Take care all! :)

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