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Monday, February 6, 2012

Dark Ascension Post-Release Information

Don't forget that this weekend's the DARK ASCENSION POST-RELEASE!!!

I have 10 of each promo card thanks to Morgan Hardy over at Organized Play in Knoxville. So here's how promo distribution will go:

1) Those who pre-paid (of which I have 8-9 people listed) will get first crack at the promos. Of these people, those who did not get to a Pre-Release will have the first crack at the Ravenous Demon//Archdemon of Greed Pre-Release promo. Those who did will at worst get a Mondronen Shaman//Tovolar's Magehunter Launch Party promo. However, if I get through all the non-Pre-Release people and have leftover Ravenous Demon//Archdemon of Greed cards, it'll be your pick of which you'd rather have.

2) Those who did not pre-pay will then do the same: Those who did not go to a Pre-Release get first crack at any leftover Ravenous Demon//Archdemon of Greed promos. Then, those who did get to a Pre-Release will at worst get a Mondronen Shaman//Tovolar's Magehunter Launch Party promo.

3) Any leftover promos will be used as prizes in the Innistrad League at various points in the remainder of the run.

Some other information for those who may not be familiar with how we do our Post-Releases:

1) Entry fee is $9. START TIME IS 11:00, NO LATER!
2) Format is Dark Ascension x3 Draft. (We'll do a draft with each person getting 3x Dark Ascension packs)
3) When you open each pack, write down the Rares, Mythic Rares, and Foils that are in your pack.
4) After you write down those cards, draft the pack as normal: On the first pack, pick a card and pass all remaining cards to your left. On the second pack, pass to your right. Then on the third pack, pass to your left again.
5) You will have at least 20 minutes to build your deck (though if we need more time we can go up to 30 IF needed, but I'd like to start actual play as soon as possible)
6) Deck MINIMUM is 40 cards.
7) Tournament in a way is double elimination. Everyone plays Round 1 in the same bracket. After results are in, the winners and the losers are divided up. Then, each round the winner's bracket's losers are put into a separate losers' bracket and their play continues. Once a player hits their round's loser's bracket, if he/she loses 1 match from there on he/she is done with the tournament. (If anyone knows the TYPE of tournament format this is, please let me know. Thanks!)
8) At the end of the tournament. prizes will consist of AT MINIMUM the Rares, Mythic Rares, and Foils pulled from the packs. (There may be more available as the entry fee is a bit higher than just the price of the packs you get)
9) FOR EVERYONE, their first pick can be 1 (one) of the cards they listed as the Rares, Mythic Rares, and Foils that came out of their packs. This is called the "reserve pick." For example, if you pull a Sorin, you are in NO danger of losing it in the prizes! :)
10) Once everyone who's "reserved" a card in this manner has picked their reserve out of the pool, those who did NOT choose to reserve a card get first crack at whatever prizes are left on the table until everyone has 1 (one) prize.
11) Then, going from the winner down to last place and repeating as often as necessary, every player gets to pick 1 (one) prize that's left on the table until all are gone or everyone has as many prizes as they wish to pick.

That should do it for now. If you have any questions about ANYTHING, don't feel afraid to ask. I'm happy to help. :)

(PS: To make sure it's seen...START TIME IS 11:00, NO LATER!)

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