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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Avacyn Restored Post-Release Promo Distribution

Hey guys!
  The regulars at SMM are familiar with how I handle promo card distribution for the Post-Releases we do. Basically, if you have been to a Pre-Release you get more priority to get a Release promo and if you haven't you generally get the Release promo or a pick of the promos.

  Below will be the policy for Avacyn Restored Post-Release this Saturday. I have had to do the policy this way to better safeguard that, if I get a limited number of promos, my pre-pays and non-Pre-Release players can get their hands on something good they missed out on.

1) If someone pre-paid their entry fee, they get the first crack at the promos. Then, once they each have 1 promo, those who did not pre-pay get their turn at the promos.

2) As I regrettably don't have the order in which people pre-paid, I'll simply have a list of pre-pays and go from that list in some order.

(Before the next 2 bits, let me say why I did it this way: Those who went to a Pre-Release got a certain promo. I give first priority of that promo to those who did NOT go to a Pre-Release. If they choose to pass it up, NORMALLY I give the Release Promo instead. However, I am afraid I'll have limited quantities of both. Thus, why this rule may seem like a change in the normal way we do things.)

3) Anyone who did NOT go to a Pre-Release gets first crack at the Pre-Release promo Moonsilver Spear. You may pass it up, but it doesn't guarantee you a Restoration Angel FNM/Release promo later.

4) Anyone who DID go to a Pre-Release gets first crack at the FNM/Release promo Restoration Angel. You may pass it up, bit it doesn't guarantee you a Moonsilver Spear later.

5) Once the Pre-Pays are taken care of, the non-Pre-Pays will get their choice of promos in the same fashion (those who went to a Pre-Release will get first crack at Restoration Angel while those who didn't will get first crack at Moonsilver Spear, then with whatever's left if you turned down one you'll get the other).

So for example, say A B C and D all pre-paid while E and F did not. A, C, and F went to a Pre-Release, while B D, and E did not. I get 3 of each promo to distribute.

First choice will go to A, B, C, and D. They Pre-Paid.

A and C get first crack at a Restoration Angel (of the pre-pays, they went to a Pre-Release). A passes but C takes the Angel. (promos now 3 Spears and 2 Angels). A gets nothing yet.

B and D get first crack at a Moonsilver Spear promo (of the pre-pays, they did not go to a Pre-Release). B and D both pass.

A gets first crack at either promo now. Let's say A chooses a Spear (now 2 of each left). B and D now choose the Restoration Angel promo. (now 2 Spears and 0 Angels).

Normally, E and F would then make their choices in the same manner. However, with only 2 Spears left they'll get Spears for their promos.

If you have any questions or need anything re-explained, feel free to post here or at the blog.

Until then or Saturday, take care! :)

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