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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Return to Ravnica Draft and League Details

Hey all!
  We're closing in on our Return to Ravnica Post-Release Draft and soon after that the Return to Ravnica League. Yay!

  So I wanted to share a few details with you (with more extensive details on League coming later):

WHEN: October 27th. We'll start announcements at 11:00, with drafting immediately after.
WHERE: Time Warp Games, formerly called Packard's Games and Movies, in Northgate Mall in Hixson, TN
RULES: Full Rules for Return to Ravnica Draft

DURATION: November 10th - January 5th
TOURNAMENT TYPE: Modified version of Sealed Deck. Specific deck building rules TBA.
COST: $46 if paid up-front OR $20 first period + $9 each additional period after if on a period-to-period basis.
1) The Return to Ravnica League will run for only 2 months (instead of the traditional 3).
2) We will run the League in 2-week increments, or "periods."
3) First period, you'll get 6 Return to Ravnica packs to use in building a 40-card (still unofficially) deck.
 Every period thereafter, you'll get 2 packs of Return to Ravnica as additional help in strengthening your deck.
4) Trading of cards from your League pool into someone else's League pool is allowed. As such, you are constrained to 4 copies of any non-Basic Land card in your deck. Details on legal trades TBA.
5) Every so often, the deck size minimum will go up until we hit 60 cards. Specific details TBA, including if we'll up it to the full 60 or only to 50.
6) Prizes will come from splitting up a Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari deck set and/or Return to Ravnica pack splits and/or any promo cards I have.
7) There is a points system.  Points (for prize distribution and bragging rights) are done on a period and overall basis. Details TBA.

I'll have more details toward the end of the week or beginning next week. I'm just excited to get to play with the new cards! :)

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