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Monday, August 30, 2010

Crazy World, Take 2! Tiff's Un-Wound Tournament

We're continuing our Crazy World series with an entry by Tiffanie Higgins!


Tiff's Un-Wound Tournament!

Rules are pretty simple:

1) Tiff will split up her Unglued and Unhinged collection into the 5 colors.

2) We'll randomly get 1 pile of cards, all of 1 color with artifacts mixed in.

3) Each person builds a deck with the cards they've got plus any basic lands they'll need. Minimum deck size TBD.

4) This will be a multiplayer Archenemy AND Planechase format!

5) Extra surprise(s) the day of the tournament.

Pretty simple! Just bring $2 for the entry fee this Saturday, 9/4, and you'll play, and you don't even need to bring any pre-made decks or anything!

Surviving, though, that's the hard part... >:-D

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