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Thursday, August 5, 2010

From the Vault: Relics Preview

This week is GenCon, which means only one thing for the world of Magic: From the Vault full set previews!

Kelly Reid at QuietSpeculation.com won a pre-convention tournament and got a set of From the Vault: Relics to show off. And how off he did!

Here's the video of his showing all the cards in the set.

But seeing Masticore doesn't exactly do it for me for some of the awesomeness of this set, so let's look at a few other new-art cards.

(pictures from Star City Games' Facebook page, which were taken from Kelly Reid's video)

Ah...global destruction never looked so beautiful!

Now that  looks like an artifact just spewing with sweet mana goodness. *drools*

And finally, the Scars of Mirrodin preview card...

If this preview is like Hellkite Overlord from From the Vault: Dragons just before Shards of Alara, this will be the art used. And again I say...daaaayyyyummm! Wizards of the Coast did a wonderful job on the artwork in this limited edition foil set. And the card itself? When you hit your opponent, you get a 2/2 green Wolf and 10 cards off the top of their deck. For doing nothing more than attacking and hitting successfully. Not...too...shabby...  :)

That's all the time I have to quickly preview. I wanted to get previews up when the full list was known, but all you'd have gotten were older versions so you could see what they did. Hopefully having these scans was worth the wait.  :)

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