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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Open Poll: DCI Sanctioning?

I've got a question about a move we're contemplating making.

We've got some more tournament-level players recently, and with our potential weekly attendance we could possibly do DCI-sanctioned tournaments (if the church allows us to).

My question is...would you be more willing to come to SMM if we had DCI sanctioning on Saturday mornings?

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  1. I think this would be a great advancement for SMM and I would fully support DCI sanctioning. Now to get all those T2 legal cards....

  2. You know I'm all for it. It could help attract new people and I like the idea of us being able to build ratings.

    You don't necessarily need Standard (Type 2) decks unless we decide to run tournaments in that format; we always have the option to do Extended or Legacy formats. Also, there's nothing wrong with using Standard decks in Extended or Legacy either. I personally don't have a Legacy deck, but have no problem playing a Standard or Extended deck in that format.