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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Commander Format for 1/15

We've got our first format for the new year!

On January 15th, if enough players want to, we'll do a Commander free-for-all. If we get agreement, we'll run it almost like a tournament. Entry fee would be $2, and I'd provide as many packs as $2 can provide. As usual, we'd then open all the packs and, starting with the winner, each person can pick one card out of the packs, rotating around the finishing order until all the cards are gone. (A system for doing this will be posted later in the week).

We'll follow the majority of the rules found on MTGCommander.net.

We are making a few changes, though:

1) Auto-Win and Auto-Loss cards not already on the banned list are banned. This includes, but is not limited to, cards like Door to Nothingness, Felidar Sovereign, and Mortal Combat. The key to this ban is if it lets a player win or makes a player lose by its own effect, it's banned.
  CLARIFICATION: Cards that give players Poison Counters and milling effects are still legal. Losing for having 10 Poison Counters is specifically written into the Comprehensive Rules as a win condition, as is losing because you can't draw a card.

2) Platinum Angel is banned.

3) We will follow normal Multiplayer mulligain and first-turn draw rules instead of the method described on MTGCommander.net. That is, everyone gets one free mulligain, and the player going first in the game gets to draw a card instead of skipping their first draw.

Why did we decide to go this route?

1) Auto-Win and Auto-Lose cards are no fun. EDH/Commander games are meant to go long. When someone can pull off an auto-win against everyone all at once, especially after just a few turns, it detracts from the fun of the format.

2) We've had problems with Platinum Angel in the past. You can't lose, and your opponents can't win, and usually when you pull her out you'll have some kind of backup. It's a local nuisance.

3) Normal multiplayer mulligain rules are just easier than what's in the EDH/Commander rules. That and it keeps things consistent no matter which multiplayer format we play.

NOTE: This is experimental. If more cards give us cause for concern, or if we want to try auto-win/auto-loss cards for example, we can amend our "house rules" to follow suit.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, questions, etc., feel free to comment or E-mail me.

We hope you have enjoyed your New Year so far!

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  1. This is Ryan, the new guy.


    You know i've only played for a few months. All of my cards (99%) are currently in standard. Does that count as vintage? I'm excited for this.