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Monday, April 11, 2011

New "Mechanic" in New Phyrexia: Phyrexian Mana Symbols

Last week some rumored Japanese cards from New Phyrexia were posted. I've refrained from posting them due to the potential for them to be fake.

But today on "the mothership" (the official Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering page) we got confirmation of a new "mechanic" that was spoiled in the Japanese cards.

Have you ever wanted to bypass the mana requirement on a card? Thsi new "mechanic" gives you a way to do that.

The details...after the jump!

Wizards of the Coast previewed their "Buy-a-Box Promo" for New Phyrexia today, and it can be a bit of a doozy.

Yes, you're seeing that right. You can just pay 2 life and not have to worry about mana! Any decks that are looking for graveyard hate now have another "colorless" option.

"But wait...what's going on?" you ask. "Is this just for Black?"


Phyrexian Mana Symbol is a new mana symbol. It's a Phyrexian symbol over top a background colored White, Blue, Black, Green, or Red.

A spell is the color of its Phyrexian Mana Symbol. For example, a card costing "1 + Phyrexian Green + Phyrexian Green" is a Green card.

Phyrexian Mana Symbols work similarly to Split Mana Symbols (like R/G): Either way of paying is acceptable, and in multiples you can pay however you like (like R/G R/G can be RR, RG, GR, or GG in that order). So a card with "1 + Phyrexian Green + Phyrexian Green" can be paid as "1GG", "1G + 2 life payment", or "1 colorless mana + 4 Life Payment". So in a way, you could see Phyrexian Mana as being a shorthand of a split symbol that would say "Green/Pay 2 life", for example.

There is no such thing as "Phyrexian Mana" (like there is "Snow Mana"). There are no cards that will add "Phyrexian Mana" to your mana pool. Thus, you'll only see "Phyrexian Mana" used as costs.

That's kind of the quick and dirty of it. As more previews come, we'll be sure to see more applications of Phyrexian Mana. (Maybe hopefully even more cards that can be played with only life payments? Never know!)

Take care all! I hope to have more official spoilers soon.

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