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We're a local unofficial Magic gathering group in Hixson, TN.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Poll: Start Times and When to Implement if Changed, Part 1

We've got a slight issue with our start times.

Although we advertise 10:00 AM start times, rarely do we have the majority of our players at the church at 10:00 AM...or even close to 10:00 AM.

Our church overseer, Rachel, gets to the church right when we say our start time is. The more weekends she waits for someone to show up after 10:00 AM, the more I'm sure her patience for it wears thin as she could be doing other things while waiting for us.

So here's the proposal: Since the majority of us don't make it until 10:30 - 11:00 when we do make it in, I suggest we move the start time back and keep a 4-hour block like we have now (so if we start at 10:30, we'll be done at 2:30).

The other question is, if we change things, when should be implement this change? A week from Saturday? The middle of May? The start of June?

So we'll do this in a 3-part poll. It will be 3 parts only if the majority answer to Part 1 is "yes."

Part 1 of 3: Should we change the start time of the "league" to a later time than 10:00 AM? (If you think we should, please do not suggest times yet).

While this poll is on-going, we'll stick to 10:00 AM as our start time (and consequently, 2:00 PM as our end time). We will not make changes as the poll continues.

Either E-mail me or post a comment here with your preference of either keeping the time or changing it. Please have your responses by no later than Saturday, April 30th.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Let's make our time at the church the best we can. :)


  1. I'm in favor of 11 because it's simpler than 10:30 and that's usually when I get there. 10:30 works but isn't very much different than the time we have now.

    Whether it's 10:30 or 11, I think it's important to go ahead and make the change. I'm sure you're right that Rachel doesn't like getting a half hour before everyone.

    All of us regulars have talked about it, and I feel like the change can be made simply and effectively after this Saturday. If a few of the random/infrequent people show up 15-30 minutes early is a small side affect compared to us asking Rachel to do it every week.


  2. I vote for whatever time helps us have the most people there for the longest period of time. I see people who don't show up at 10 because of the time and also people who leave at 2 because they don't have time to stay later, so I am unsure which works out best. If the time changes to 10:30 or 11:00 it works for me either way. I will just get that much more sleep. If it stays at 10:00, I always try to be there right at and I usually am so it's not a problem for me either way.