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Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Phyrexia "Post-Release" May 21st!

Hello one and all again!

With every new set comes 3 events. We have your Pre-Releases (did everyone love that new Sheoldred, Whispering One?). And we have your Releases (finally, a playable foil in the form of Phyrexian Metalmorph).


"But that's only 2," I hear.

Not in Hixson, it's not.

The 3rd event that takes place with every new set is a local Post-Release Draft!

Let me lay it all out for you.

$9 gets you 3 packs of New Phyrexia with which to draft.

Drafting with us is fairly casual but mostly follows regular drafting rules. The main change is there's no time limits on picking your card (though we do ask to take a reasonable amount of time per pick). You may also view your current pile of cards while deciding your picks. And most of all, we have our pack prize picks.

"Whoah! What's that," you ask.

Pack Prize Picks go like this: When we draft, to help keep the cost down we use the Rares as part of the prize pool at the end of the tournament. Winner gets first pick, 2nd gets second pick, and so on as many times around as it takes to empty the prize pool.

There's one exception, your reserve.

When you open each of your boosters, you write down any Rares and foils you see in each pack you open as you open them. After the tournament ends, in finishing order, you may pick 1 (one) Rare and/or foil that you opened and reserve it as one of your prize picks. After one time around the finishing order, whoever did not reserve a card gets first pick of what's left, still in finishing order, until everyone has 1 (one) card. Then we start going around the table again in finishing order from first to last as many times as it takes until all prizes are picked.

Part of the reason for this is to protect your investment in the packs. If you open a Karn Liberated, for example, and you're not a good draft player, you lose effectively $25 or so profit because you're not a good player (note: at the time, Karn Liberated goes for around $35-$40 non-foil). Instead, it protects your investment in the packs and attempts to ensure everyone leaves happy they got their money's worth.

BUT WAIT! There's more!

Morgan Hardy, owner of Organized Play in Knoxville, is providing us with some of his excess promos from the Pre-Release and Release events he held! I'll be giving these out just for signing up to play! So far he's open to sending us 6 Sheoldred, Whispering One pre-release promos. We'll see what else we get before I determine what our promo distribution will be like.

I will say right now, though, that Sheoldred promos will be given first to those who did not attend a Pre-Release. The point of getting the promos is to help out those who did not make the bigger events earlier in the month. Once those who didn't make it to a Pre-Release get their Sheoldreds, they'll go out on a "first come, first served" basis: The first people who paid in will get theirs, 2nd to sign up gets one 2nd, and so forth. After that, if we get Release promos, I'll switch to those for handouts.

Also, as always, I'll have packs of New Phyrexia available at $2.75 per pack! I've got 3 boxes pre-ordered (again from Organized Play) so we should have enough to go around. I'll also have boosters of Scars of Mirrodin and Mirrodin Beseiged available, also at $2.75 each.

I'll determine a tournament format (swiss, double elimination, single elimination, etc.) before the end of the week.

Because of our time constraints at the place we play, I'm asking all players to be at the church by 10:30 AM on the 21st so we can start as soon as possible. I'll hand out packs at 10:30 and take last-call signups, and we'll start no later than 10:45 AM. The sooner we get the draft and deck building parts done, the more time we'll have for more rounds.

I'll post a more concise version of this announcement later in the week, more than likely when I determine what tournament format we'll use.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment here or E-mail me at CardGameNut@gmail.com .

We look forward to seeing anyone who's interested!

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