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Friday, May 13, 2011

Official Star Time Will NOT Change

After conducting my poll of our start time policy, as well as conferring with Rachel over the situation, I've made my decision.

Our official start time of 10:00 AM will not change. Most responses were "I don't care, but if it's 10:00 I'll make a better effort to get there earlier." As well, to put off the start time would be eating into Rachel's day, so with all of that figured in I've decided we'll keep the 10:00 - 2:00 time frame.

However, this doesn't mean we won't start tournaments earlier.

To get the most out of our tournaments, I'm going to suggest a 10:30 AM start time for tournaments. We'll get packs handed out for drafts/sealed deck, sign-ups started, and any pre-tournament business done then. Around 10:45 will be the actual start of the tournament (meaning drafting and/or deck building for draft/sealed and random pairings for constructed-type events).

I think 10:30 will allow us to get more and/or longer matches in the tournaments, allow some buffer time for overruns in rounds, and allow us to draft and build decks without having to rush so much.

Aside from our "Post-Release" draft next week, the 10:30 tournament start time is a suggestion. If you want to suggest another standard start time for tournaments (not our overall start time), feel free to leave a comment or E-mail me at cardgamenut@gmail.com .

Thank you for all your input. I hope with more input in the future we can make Saturday Morning Magic work well for everyone involved. :)

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