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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Going Forward with Reverse Modern. Feedback Needed.

After some thinking about running Reverse Modern a week from this upcoming Saturday, I've decided to go ahead and run it.

However, I'll need some feedback. I had a few issues with people saying they didn't like the idea of the format, but I don't know what's wrong with it inherently. I'm not the DCI or WotC. Formats I think up may not be fully thought out. That's why I need input and advice to help make any format we try the most successful it can be.

I do know we'll do the following:

1) Reverse Modern will allow only those cards originally printed before the current card frames existed (so anything before Mirrodin and 8th Edition)

2) You may use any version of card that was originally printed in the older frames (so a M12 Birds of Paradise is just as legal as an Alpha one).

3) Ban list currently is following the Legacy ban list. Any input into additions is greatly appreciated.

4) Despite what I originally posted, I'm stripping any bonuses for using exclusively older cards. This seemed to be a point of contention when the issue came up, so I'll heed the feedback and will give no bonuses. That way an M12 Birds of Paradise, for example, means exactly the same as an Alpha one, for example.

5) Entry Fee is $2. The prizes will come from leftover promos, leftover April Charity Tournament prizes, and a prize pack split of however many packs the entry fee will buy from M12.

6) Minimum entry level is 3 people. The tournament style will be swiss in the sense that everyone will play each other one time before either ending the tournament or cutting to the finals/semi-finals (as time allows).

Is there any feedback anyone could provide to help make this format enjoyable? I appreciate any insights.

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