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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Impressions from M12 Post-Release, Plus How To Keep Attendance Up?

Hey everyone!
  I know it's taken me a good bit longer than I'd have liked to get a new blog post up. However, I'm hoping this one will open some dialog as to what we can do better at SMM.

  Overall, I loved the Post-Release we had for M12. We had, what, 13 players? And I ran out of promos for the first time in ages! (Well, okay, I had 1 promo left over, but that's compared to having 5-10 promos from one event left. :)  ).

  I didn't hear anyone have any problems with how anything went except for some pairing issues late in the running. I apologize for that. It was the first weekend where I'd had a separate scorekeeper (Nathaniel) and we changed tournament systems mid-stream (from a single winner's/loser's bracket to having at least one loser's bracket per round). That caused a lot of confusion for Nathaniel and myself. We're thinking of keeping that system, but as time goes on I'm sure we'll have it more perfected so we can avoid future confusion.

  I also enjoyed being able to sit back and enjoy the tournament for once! lol! I may separate out the rulings duties too so I'm doing most of my work on the front end of the tournament (gathering entry fees, making sure I've written down who all is in the tournament, prize management, etc.). I'm thinking of appointing 3 people to be judges with one stipulation: Those who judge cannot make rulings on their own match in progress. Would everyone be okay with this?

If you have any questions or comments about the M12 Post-Release or any other questions concerning policy, let me know. I'll try to get a policy document typed up and made available on Facebook (or E-mail for those who don't do Facebook) so we'll have a specified way to run tournaments.

I also want to ask you how can we keep attendance up? I know one way would be to do tournament formats that might interest most people who come around and may seem interesting for those who don't normally. This is where I need your help. If you have a tournament suggestion, feel free to post it here or E-mail me (CardGameNut@gmail.com) and I'll look over it. Just keep in mind you'll be the Tournament Organizer and Head Judge of that tournament (though I'll have booster packs to use for prizes, so you just need to let me know how many and in what assortment you want them in).

Again, any questions or comments, please leave them here or E-mail me. Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you Saturday! :)

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