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Monday, July 26, 2010

Wayne's Crazy World Tournament Rules!

Hey guys!

The M11 draft is behind us now. Thanks for all who showed up! I had 4 players, so everyone got one Sun Titan and one Ancient Hellkite promo. Congrats to Marcus for winning with an interesting W/B flying/aggro deck!

I'll get a report up during the week, but right now I'd like to get started in focusing on our next tournament! :)

Coming up August 7th is Wayne Eanes' "Crazy World" tournament! In this tournament, almost everything is a wild mixed bag of randomness! From random Planechase plane chasing to random Un- cards to even random turns, crazy world is expected to be, well, a crazy world!

I'm posting a direct copy-and-paste of an E-mail sent by Wayne. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.

*   tournament will be a multi-player round table free-for-all (all entrants will play each other all at once) . .
*  decks will be 60 card minimum singleton (each deck can only have one copy of each card  ,  except for basic lands) . . . (NOTE: And Relentless Rats, since it specifically states so)
*  using vintage restricted list with the addition of . . . can also use "unglued & unhinged" cards . . .
*  will also be playing planechase format in addition to everything else (a "community" planechase pile will be provided , so you don't have to bring your own , unless you want to) . . .
*  entry fee will be standard $2.00 per player (which will enable us to have 1 M11 booster pack per person to put into prize pool) with "prize points" being awarded as 0 - last place  ,  1 - next to last  ,  2- 2nd to last etc. & so on with player with highest total points getting first pick out of prize pool and then on down .
*  will try our best to start tournament promptly at 11:00 and finish at least by 1:45 (so as to allow time for prize picks) and will play as many "rounds" as time permits . . .
*  free music and snacks will be provided to enjoy (or not   lol   ) while we battle . . . including  . . . (wait for it) . . . DONUTS ! . . .
*  every player wearing a funny , weird , odd , strange or crazy HAT gets to start out each game with their choice of either  -  starting "life total" of 25 instead of 20  - or -  opening "hand" of 8 cards instead of 7 (players must continue to wear hats entire match or forfeit 5 life or 1 card corresponding to which bonus they took) . . . and NO (for all you smart-alecks) , you don't recieve multiple bonuses for wearing multiple hats . . . limit one bonus per customer   lol   . . .
special crazy world weirdness  -  we will be playing along with a random timer set to go off between 1 minute up to possibly 10 minutes (that will keep being reset randomly again) . . . whenever the timer goes off ! everyone "freezes" whatever they're doing instantly (this means mid-sentence , mid-spell play , mid-response , whatever . . .) and then randomly  gets their seat exchanged with someone else and then play continues with each player assuming their new hand , field , deck , library , graveyard , life points etc ! . . . in other words  , you take over control of everything from the player whose seat you just inherited until next timer goes off or end of game ! . . .
*CLARIFICATION: When everyone randomly changes places, the player whose turn it is picks up their turn with their new place. For example, if Wayne, Tiffanie, and I are the only three left and my turn starts and the timer goes off in my first Main Phase, I'll switch to one of their places and I'll pick up my turn still in Main Phase 1, just with the deck of whoever I got randomly assigned to.
* "house" banned list  -  no specific card is banned on top of the vintage restrictions BUT "instant-win , one-turn-win , can't lose combos" are banned (everyone pretty much knows these when they see them . . . but if you have questions about a specific combo just e-mail preston & ask) to allow for more fun game play for all involved . . .

Again, any questions please feel free to ask.

We hope to see you there on the 7th!

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