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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bit of an Issue with Promos for Saturday

I got the E-mail today about what we can expect for promos.

Sadly, zero Wurmcoil Engines extra. WotC screwed up Organized Play's "Buy a Box" promos so Morgan had to resort to giving away extra Wurmcoil Engines in place of the Memoricides that WotC should have sent his way.

We will have Steel Hellkite promos, though. :)  Hopefully enough to go one per person, but I need to see what the other promos he sent are.

So stay tuned for word on what we'll do about Promos for this event (what promos we'll get and how I'll distribute them).

EDIT: Here's what we have to work with:

10x M11 WPN Sylvan Ranger
15x Steel Hellkite
3x Duels Nissa Revane
10x WPN Syphon Mind
10x Gameday Liliana's Specter

I'll definitely do Steel Hellkite guaranteed handouts. With 15, I doubt we'll run out.
The question is...what to do with the rest?

These above-and-beyond promos are to make up for the lack of Wurmcoil Engine promos. I don't want to blow the whole lot in one event, so I'll probably start by doing the Nissas somehow.

I welcome any and all suggestions you've got.

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