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Friday, October 8, 2010

Good Promo News, Bad Promo News...Which Leads to Semi-Good News

 We've had a bit of a promo mishap of our own.

I've got Steel Hellkite promos, so everyone will get one! WOOT!

I've got the Wurmcoil Engine extra that I personally bought on the off chance Morgan couldn't send any, so that will still go out to the highest finisher who did not get to a Pre-Release.

I've got the 3 Nissa Revane promos, so those will go out as I've detailed below.

I do not have the Liliana's Specter, Sylvan Ranger, or Syphon Mind promos...yet. A packaging mistake kept me from getting those promos on time. If you get to choose from one of these 3 promos, I'll write your name down and which promo you picked. I should have those promos next week.

Now you've got incentive to drop by again. See how Morgan and I work like that? ;)  lol.

See you all tomorrow! Remember, $2.75 for loose packs and an $8 entry fee for the draft. HINT: Bring LOTS of cash. ;)

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