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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cube Draft 4 Next Saturday!

Well, apparently we just love the Cube. Yay! That means we get to do this more often, and I'm definitely not opposed to that.

November 13th will be our 4th Cube Draft. The rules are simple: I'll make "Packs" of 15-25 cards each built from certain cards from my collection. We'll draft with 3 "Packs" like we would if we had opened 3 packs of any set. We'll follow our normal draft rules (except no picking a card you "open").

The entry fee will be $2, and prizes will come from Scars of Mirrodin pack splits.

As always, I'll have some additions and replacements to the Cube. For example...

1) A special version of Lightning Bolt.
2) A red Mythic gets a foil upgrade.
3) The oldest, cheapest Black land destruction.
4) One new Mox...but which one??

Guess you'll have to play on the 13th to find out that and more. See ya then!

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