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Sunday, November 28, 2010

End of Year Schedule PLUS Christmas Tournament Announcement

As we approach the end of the year, we need to get the schedule of events that help round out our upcoming festive month.

4th: Casual Day
11th: Christmas Tournament! See the rules below. Also, last league of 2010!
18th: Off Day
25th: Christmas Day!!!! I hope you enjoy the day with friends, family, and loved ones.

1st: Casual Day. Show off any new cards you got over the Christmas break. :)
Rest of Month: TBD

Okay, so the big thing here...THE CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT!

If you can guess by now, you're gonna build Red- and Green-themed decks. But if I leave it completely open, I'm afraid I'll get some Jund variant that's not really a lot of fun to play. So let's help the fun factor a bit:

2) Singleton, meaning only one copy of any card unless it's a Basic Land.

3)  Un- cards are okay except for Granny's Payback.

4) The only legal colors are Red and/or Green. No Colorless cards, and no multi-colored cards that you cannot use Red and/or Green mana exclusively to pay for any and all costs on the card (including mana cost).

5) You may only make Green and/or Red mana from your mana sources. If you make any other color, you get 1 Colorless mana instead for that color.

6) Your deck cannot be mono-colored: You must have a mix of Red and Green (and/or Red/Green multicolor) cards in the deck. I have no mandated ratio of Red-to-Green cards, but be honest with yourself: If 99% of your deck is Red, chances are it's gonna come across as a mono-Red deck splashing Green for one or two cards.

7) "Christmas Gift" 1: If you run all Snow-Covered Forests and Snow-Covered Mountains as your lands, you may start the game with 1 extra card in hand and increase your maximum hand size by 1.

8) "Christmas Gift" 2: If you include Goblin Snowman in your deck, you may start the game with 1 extra card in hand and increase your maximum hand size by 1.

NOTE: The "gifts" accumulate, so having all Snow-Covered Forests and Snow-Covered Mountains PLUS Goblin Snowman will give you 2 extra cards in hand at the start of each game and increase your maximum hand size by 2.

I will do some kind of hand-out, but I'm not sure what I'll do. I've got promos left over, so I may do that but I'm not sure which ones to use. Regardless, I'll do something.

Oh, did I mention? Cost is free! Who can argue with that in the month of Christmas? ;)

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