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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mirrodin Beseiged Post Release 2/12!

Hey all!

It's that time of the set release schedule again! Mirrodin Beseiged officially launches tomorrow, meaning we have one of our favorite local traditions coming up.

Mirrodin Beseiged Post-Release Tournament!

DATE: February 12th (one week from the Saturday after release)

TIME: Drafting starts at 11:00 AM.

TOURNAMENT FORMAT: 3x Mirrodin Beseiged Booster Draft

TOURNAMENT STYLE: Swiss. Players with similar records will be matched up as best as possible, with the first round being a random matchup. 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie.

NUMBER OF ROUNDS: Depends on the turnout. With 8 people, we'll do a 4-round tournament.

FINISHING ORDER: Most points to least points. Tiebreakers TBD.

TIME PER ROUND: 30 minute matches, best 2 out of 3 games.

FINALS PLAYOFF: After so many rounds, the top 2 players will play in a best-of-5 match.

ENTRY FEE: $8.50. That breaks down to $8.25 for the 3 packs and $.25 toward an extra Mirrodin Beseiged pack toward the overall prize pool.

PRIZE SUPPORT: Prizes come from the Rares and any foils we open except one Rare or foil that you decide to keep from the packs you opened in the draft. As well, 1 pack of Mirrodin Beseiged will be opened and placed in the Rares/foils pool to give more options from which players can pick cards.

The way the prize pool will work is that all Rares/foils and the full contents of a pack of Mirrodin Beseiged will be placed onto a table. Everyone can choose to reserve 1 (one) Rare or foil card they opened in the draft. After everyone has decided to take a "reserve pick", those who did not then get first pick of what cards are left. After everyone has one card, then all players in finishing order pick from all the remaining cards 1 card per person and keep picking in that order until all cards are taken.

OTHER PRIZE SUPPORT: In addition, we may have stuff coming in from Organized Play in Knoxville. Any use of these extras is still to be determined until I know what all I'm getting.

EDIT (2/6/2011): I got a preliminary count of stuff I'll get from Organized Play. So far, we've got:

4x Hero of Bladehold
4x Glissa, the Traitor
4x Thopter Assembly
1x Mirran Faction Pack
1x Phyrexian Faction Pack

So here's what we'll do for prizes in addition to our Rares/foil pool:

1st: 1 (one) Faction Pack from the faction of their choice and the promo card that goes with it. (So if it's Mirran, you'll get Hero of Bladehold. If it's Phyrexian, you'll get Glissa, the Traitor).
2nd: The remaining Faction Pack and its promo.
3rd - 12th (if we get that many): In finishing order, pick from the remaining promos 1 (one) of your choice. Extra promos will be held over into another event if we have extras after this.

Now...if we get more than anticipated...I'll determine then how to readjust the prizes.

Be rest assured, though...the first 12 people who sign up will get a promo.

EDIT (2/8/2011): Looks like we'll have even more supplies than we thought...with some bad news sprinkled in.

GOOD NEWS: We got one extra of each Pre-release promo and two extra Thopter Assembly promos. So now we'll award promos to the first 16 people who sign up!

BAD NEWS: The Faction Pack delivery will be late. Morgan will ship those Thursday with no guarantee we'll get them by Saturday. IF YOU WIN ONE, PAY ATTENTION: Give me your E-mail address and I'll notify you the day I have them in. Come by the next Saturday (which should be simply the Saturday after this, 2/19) and get yours.

We hope to see you at our draft! We always have a lot of fun with these new sets, and I hope you'll join us and experience it for yourself.


  1. Heya New player I tried to text you, but no response?

    senki1234@gmail.com if you wanna reply ^.^

  2. Hello new player! You should join us this Saturday. We use the number-pad door on the right side of the church. Usually it is opened for us by about 10:00am. Just walk in, we are usually in the room straight ahead.