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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Idea: Charity Tournament for Japan in Two Weeks?

I was perusing Twitter one day this week and saw that, in place of Grand Prix - Kobe (I think it's Kobe, but it doesn't matter. It's a Grand Prix that should have been in Japan) this weekend some tournament organizers in Japan are holding charity tournament to help raise money for the Japanese relief efforts.

So I was wondering...Why don't we do something?

I'm going to see what I can get for prize support, but I want to do a constructed event with proxies allowed (especially if we do Legacy or Vintage). Specific proxy rules and formats would follow, but the basic idea is here.

Entry fee would be $6: $3 would go toward any prizes I may have to pay for, and $3 would go toward the charity part.

My idea is if we could get people to RSVP, I could get a base prize based on the number of entrants and the format we do.

For example...

4-6 people (the minimum I'd do): $12 for prizes, so maybe a Metalworker for Legacy, Cryptic Command for Extended, or an Elspeth Tirel for Standard (depending on which format we choose). The rest would go toward charity.

7-9 people: $21 for prizes, so maybe an Intuition for Legacy or Sword of Feast or Famine for Standard (again, format-dependent). The rest toward charity.

10+ people: $30 minimum available for prizes, so possibly a Rishadan Port for Legacy or, with enough people, a Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas for Standard (again, format-dependent). The rest to charity.

NOTE: I'm definitely not tied to anything right now, but you get the general idea. If I can get prize donations, I'll add those to the prize pool and they won't count toward the "prize payback" I'm doing with the RSVP example (so I won't take money away from the charity to "pay" for your contributions).

Just keep in mind: This isn't done for the prizes (they're an incentive to participate, NOT the focus) and there's no ranking of any kind on the line.

If you've got ideas or prize donations you want to add in, feel free to chip in. Again, nothing's set in stone. I just want to get feedback and additional ideas and/or fixes to my proposal.

EDIT: I just wanted to clarify...the $3 per person that I'd use for prizes is to get a prize that's desireable and worth peoples' time to attend. Also note that if I'm doing an RSVP type idea I'd only use the lower number's $3 piece to pay for the card. For example, at the 4-6 bracket, I'd only use upwards of $12 to get a card. If I get 4 people, that's $12 for prize and $12 for charity. If I get 5 people, that's still $12 for a prize and that 5th person's whole $6 would go toward charity for $18 going to charity. 6 people would then be $12 for prize and $24 for charity. At 7 people, the next level, $21 goes toward prizes and $21 goes to charity. At 8 people, that's $21 to prize and $27 to charity, and so on. As I said, though, this is only an idea and is NOT set in stone. Feedback and prize donations are welcome.

EDIT 2: We have a bite on prize donations! We're getting a free Cryptic Command to throw into the prize pool! :) Let's hope to keep the donations rolling. :)

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