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Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Official: Stoneforge Mystic AND Jace, the Mind Sculptor BANNED IN STANDARD!!!

Say goodbye to your Jace, the Mind Sculptors and Stoneforge Mystics (well...mostly on Stoneforge Mystic) in Standard.

Wizards of the Coast announced today the next set of Banned/Restricted List changes.

No formats had changes, as was expected...except Standard.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Stoneforge Mystic*

*The problem with banning Stoneforge Mystic is that there's an otherwise-Standard legal preconstructed deck with her in it, War of Attrition (scroll down a little bit on that link to see the decklist). To keep her FNM legal (because the Event Decks are meant to be bought at FNM and played straight out of the box), Stoneforge Mystic is allowed as long as the contents match exactly to the War of Attrition event deck decklist. ANY deviation (even as minor as adding an additional Puresteel Paladin or replacing Sword of Vengeance with Sword of War and Peace or changing out the Side Deck) will force you to take out both Stoneforge Mystics.

I'll post WotC's explanations later, but for now you're on notice that 11 days from now you can no longer use Jace, the Mind Sculptor and can very rarely use Stoneforge Mystic in Standard.

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