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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Commander Deck Reprint News: Sol Ring and Lightning Greaves!

This week MTGCommander.net is previewing some cards from the new Magic: The Gathering: Commander theme decks coming out in June.

Today, they and "the mothership" previewed 2 reprints. 1 goes into every Commander theme deck, while the other we're not sure how often it'll appear.

The card that will appear in every Commander theme deck?


(image from WotC's Arcana for June 1st)

If you remember the From the Vault: Relics set from last year, you'll remember that this is the artwork used on that version of Sol Ring. Will the original drop in price? Most likely. But part of Commander/EDH is "pimping your deck", so either a From the Vault version or old Alpha/Beta/Unlimited/Revised versions could hold some value for being original art or foil (or in the case of the DCI Judge promo verison, both!).

The other card is one we're very familiar with but is about a $4-$5 Uncommon already...Lightning Greaves!

(preview image from MTGCommander.net forums)

These 2 are practically universal additions to a Commander deck if you've got these cards. Sol Ring is just a fast mana accelerator at best and a decent mana accelerator at worst.

Tomorrow I'll show a preview of a new Commander card...and a new Commander for those U/G decks. :)

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