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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ATTENTION: Change to Overtime Rules for M12 Post-Release AND ALL NON-SWISS EVENTS AT SMM

ATTENTION: I have a change to how the overtime rules will work for Saturday AND FOR NON-SWISS TOURNAMENTS at SMM. 

As many players at SMM have raised a concern over fairness to certain decks over others with the overtime rules I have posted for the M12 Post-Release, the following will be the procedure for non-swiss events starting Saturday (NOTE: This I feel covers the vast majority of all cases we'll have crop up. All other scenarios brought up will be addressed at a later date as they come up, either in actual tournament scenarios or as "what if" questions):

Assume you're in your 5-turn overtime.

GAME 1 or GAME 3, CLEAR WINNER (a player has lost all their life, a player had tried to draw from an empty library, a player has 10 or more Poison counters, etc.): A Game win, thus a Match win, for the winner.

GAME 2, CLEAR WINNER: If the winner of Game 2 causes the Match to tie (1-1-0 for both players), go to a Sudden Death 3rd Game. Go to the first life change where one player ends up with a higher life total than the other. The player with the higher life points wins the Game and thus the Match.

GAME 1 or GAME 3, NO CLEAR WINNER AFTER 5 TURNS (neither player is at 0 life, a player isn't drawing from an empty library, etc.): Whoever is ahead on Life Points gets a Game win, thus the Match win. While Life Points normally aren't used to determine a game winner like this, since there MUST be a winner it's the only alternative to use.

GAME 2, NO CLEAR WINNER AFTER 5 TURNS: The game ends in a TIE. THEN, if that does not tie the match results, most of the time whoever won Game 1 will win the Match. If the MATCH ends in a tie because of the tie for Game 2, do a Sudden Death 3rd Game and go to the first life point change where one player ends up with higher life points than the other.

I'll also post reminders Friday. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to post here or E-mail me.

Thanks for reading! We hope to see a lot of you for the M12 Post-Release Saturday! :)

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