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Thursday, July 14, 2011

M12 Post-Release Next Saturday!

Hey guys!

M12 releases Friday, and with it we'll have new Planeswalkers, new combo cards, and some nice casual cards that'll be sure to keep us going with new ideas. :)

But it brings soething else with it too. We'll be holding our M12 Post-Release next Saturday!

M12 Post-Release Details
COST: $9

WHAT YOU GET: 3 packs of M12 with which to draft.

DRAFT FORMAT: At the start of each pack, write down any Rares/Foils you see in your packs. Then, on the first pack, pick a card and pass the remainder to the left. Keep doing this until you have 15 cards. Repeat the process for the second pack, but pass to the right. On the third pack, pass to the left.

PRIZES: The majority of our prizes will come from the Rares and Foils from the packs you draft with except your RESERVED CARD. Those cards you wrote down at the start of each pack? You may pick 1 (one) of those cards to keep free and clear of the prize pool. The remaining cards will go into the prize pool, along with an opening of 1-2 M12 boosters to put their contents into the prize pool. Then going in finishing order, anyone who did not reserve a card gets to pick 1 (one) card from the remainder until everyone has 1 (one) card. Then in full finishing order (so from the winner down to last place), everyone picks 1 (one) card from the pool at a time until either all cards or gone or no one wants any of the remaining cards.
-->PARTICIPATION CARD: I should be getting enough Bloodlord of Vaasgoths and Garruk's Hordes to give everyone one. HOWEVER, priority on the Bloodlords will go to those who did NOT make a Pre-Release event. Then, if any remain, they'll be the first given out until they run out and I'm forced to switch over to Garruk's Horde.

TOURNAMENT FORMAT: Winner's/Loser's Bracket to be decided after the first round (the bye, if it exists, goes into the winner's bracket), then single elimination from there on. 1st through the last placing in the winner's bracket will be played for in the Winner's Bracket, while the next highest available spot through last will come from the loser's bracket.

TIME: To be determined. We will try to start at 10:30, however we may start no later than 11:00 with announcements and a rules refresher, especially for new keywords and terminology. We'll try to aim for 10:30 start with announcements, no later than 10:45 to get everyone registered, sat down and ready to draft. If we start with announcements at 11:00, we'll go for 11:15 to start actually drafting. Deck building will take 30 minutes or until everyone's done, whichever is sooner.

DECK CONSTRUCTION: MINIMUM 40 cards, including any basic lands you decide to put into your deck from the community land pile.

ROUND TIME: 30 minutes for a best-of-3 match.

RULES QUESTIONS: I'll be the "head judge", with Nathaniel Bass and Andrew Neff being 2nd and 3rd on that list. If you ask Nathaniel or Andrew a rulings question and either they're not sure or you don't agree with them, feel free to ask me.

SCOREKEEPER: There's not much true "scorekeeping" except for who's where in the tournament structure. However, you'll report all your match records to Nathaniel Bass. He will keep track of who won during the rounds and will be in charge of setting up pairings for all the rounds per my procedures.

OVERTIME RULES: Should a match run over the allotted 30 minutes, here's the procedure we'll use:

1) Finish up whoever's turn you're currently on.
2) There will then be an additional 5 TOTAL turns starting with the start of the next turn.
3) Check life points at the end of the 5 turns if neither player has won before then.
   a) Whoever is ahead on life points is the game winner. In Games 1 and 3, this determines the match winner. In game 2, if the match score is tied, go to a "sudden death" 3rd game. The first life change in the 3rd game determines the game, and thus match, winner.
   c) Should a clear and decisive winner (ie: one player's life is 0 or less) come about in extra turns in Game 2 and the match becomes tied (both players have won 1 game and lost 1 game), a "sudden death" Game 3 is started. The first life total change determines the winner.

That SHOULD get everything of relevance. If you have any questions or comments, leave them here.

We hope to see you next Saturday!

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