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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Preliminary Innistrad League Details (FINALLY!)

Okay, guys. Preliminary information about Innistrad League! (FINALLY! lol!)

Start date: December 31st

Run time: Roughly 14 weeks, give or take depending on feedback.

Basic Prize Support: Everyone gets a free promo Tormented Soul for playing (while supplies last). Devil's Play promos will be included at random periods as part of a bi-weekly further prize split. Other basic prize support TBD.

Entry Fee: $16.50 will get you 6 packs of Innistrad to use in constructing a minimum 40-card deck. Trades within the League will be allowed (details TBA). Also, add $2 to help with further prize support every 2 weeks (details TBA).

Pack Additions: Packs will be added every 2 weeks at $2.75 per pack, 1 pack at a time. This means on Week 3 you'll be at 7 packs, Week 5 up to 9 packs, etc.

Further Prize Support: I wish to incorporate the Graveborn pre-con deck somewhere in here (Premium Deck Series: Graveborn list link is about 4 posts below this). Also, I'll throw in packs of Innistrad either to the winner and/or to split among all the players.

EXACT details are still TBA, most likely tomorrow or Thursday. But I wanted to give a basic run-down and get some feedback before we get official details out.

Who's interested? Who would want to play?

PS: You WILL be able to use your League cards outside of the League. We'll have everyone type out their pack openings and any trades made so each player can have a record of what cards should go back into their League piles when playing for League games. Exact details on how this will work will be posted in the next few days.

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  1. Also, the Graveborn deck stuff will depend on feedback. What I'd do is open a Graveborn box and start from the lowest stuff to the best stuff (for example: I wouldn't start off the bat with Entomb, but maybe an Exhume and a Crystal Vein to add to the prize pool). What do you think?