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Monday, March 1, 2010

Impressions from Grand Prix - Madrid: Part 1

Reading the coverage from the latest Legacy-format Grand Prix in Madrid this weekend, I found a few things quite surprising. So over the course of this week I'll show off those points of interest.

So for Part 1, I bring you a casual idea that's started to see some major tournament play lately:

 (Images courtesy of magiccards.info)

Those who are familiar with me running this deck knows how it runs: Cast Dream Halls, pitch a card of any color to Conflux (preferably something you don't mind losing like a late-game Brainstorm), search for 3 useful cards (each of a different declared color), one Conflux, and one card to pitch for the new Conflux (or another useful spell if you have another useless colored card already in your hand). Then rinse and repeat until you use up your 4 Conflux cards. Then start pitching cards to cast high-cost stuff and win the game within the next turn or two.

I used the idea to get big, flying, hasty creatures (and buy another attack phase thanks to Beacon of Tomorrows) and just attack all-out for the win.

But what happens when you give this combo to a tournament player? Find out...after the jump!

The deck seen at Grand Prix - Madrid only has about three things in common with my more casual attempt at the deck: Dream Halls, Conflux, and Progenitus.

The Deck List: http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/eventcoverage/gpmad10/day1#5

This version of Dream Halls/Conflux packs 4 Progenitus to use as either discard bait for casting Conflux via Dream Halls or as a straight-out attacker via Show and Tell.


You've probably also seen that you can get an enchantment onto the battlefield via Show and Tell. That's part of the beauty of this deck: It can go either way! It can go "Progenitus, attack!" or it can go "Dream Halls, search up 20 damage".
The 20 damage route in this deck? 3 Cruel Ultimatums (5 damage each) plus 1 Bogardan Hellkite (5 damage as it enters the battlefield). Just make sure you have enough Red and Blue to discard for these 4 cards.

The rest of the deck is standard fare for a blue combo deck: 4 Force of Wills as a cheap Counterspell, 4 Lim-Dul's Vault and 4 Brainstorm to help search out Dream Halls/Progenitus/Conflux, some Fetchlands to thin the deck. and Ancient Tomb to help with Dream Hall's casting cost.


How did the deck do? Not bad at all! It made Day 2, which whittled players from 2,220 to start down to 237! It didn't get near the Top 8, but it did finish 146th. That puts the runner, Lino Burgold, around the top 7% of all players that day!

I've loved the Dream Halls idea since I saw discussion of it when Conflux was spoiled to be in Conflux, so I'm glad someone's found a way to play it. Dream Halls has already seen a price increase to $15 because of this! (The starting price when I got mine? Around $3-$4. That says something.) And Conflux, the "runt of the litter" from said set? Between $3-$4, which is a nice pickup considering you just about couldn't give these away when they were new.

I hope you enjoyed this "deck-splanation" (yes, I know. Groan inducing name. That means I did my job!).  Comments, questions, concerns, RANTS!? ... Just post a comment!

Later this week I'll have our Commander round-up. To tease some of the insanity...what happens when people make fun of Jhessian Zombies? Find out tomorrow!

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