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Monday, March 22, 2010

Schedule Update PLUS "Last Samurai" Reminder

It's been a couple weeks since the last schedule update so here's where we are with our schedule for the last weekend of March all the way through half of May.

27th: "THE LAST SAMURAI" TOURNAMENT; $2 Entry Fee, prizes will be pack splits from Worldwake

 3rd: Free Day*. Should bring my Cube one more time for final construction and shuffling. Cube Draft Preview Weekend 3!
10th: CUBE DRAFT! $2 Entry Fee (even though it's a draft, you're not buying packs. Cards come from my collection). I'll firm up the details as we get closer to the 10th.
17th: Free Day*
24th: LEGACY (VINTAGE?) PROXY TOURNAMENT; Follow the Legacy (Vintage?) banned/restricted list when building your decks, but you'll be allowed to use up to 9 proxies.

1st: Rise of the Eldrazi Draft. I'm looking at having only 2 boxes of ROE available, but if I get overwhelmed with demand I can buy another box. Just come back the week after I E-mail you I've got your order if that happens. SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDING ON FUTURE SCHEDULING
8th: Back-up Date: Rise of the Eldrazi Draft

*NOTE: "Free Day" is just a way of saying "Free Play/Trade." It sounds better, anyway.

Reminder that we have "The Last Samurai" tournament coming up this weekend! This is effectively a Champions of Kamigawa Block "sealed deck" with the "packs" provided to us as one pile of each color. We'll build our decks based on what we get in these piles.

Tournament is mostly single-elimination. After the first round, losing players are put into a "loser's bracket" to figure who'll get the highest end of the bottom part of the finishing order while the winners continue for the top spot. The tournament is single-elimination after that. Rounds are 30 minutes long. Prizes will come from Worldwake packs. Entry fee is $2.

A few of us weren't really playing that much around Kamigawa Block, so this is a nice blast to the past for us. Whether you were around at the time or this is new to you, be sure to join us and play with a now-classic set. :)

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