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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tournament Schedule: Changes for This Week

Hey everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful week.

We've got a schedule change that will affect our tournaments for the next few weeks.

  Tiff got an offer to go on a free trip to Gatlinburg this weekend and, well, who can't turn away a free trip? :)

  The problem is, because Tiff's supplying the cards for the "Last Samurai" tournament, we won't have them available to do the tournament. :(

  So the "Last Samurai" tournament is postponed two weeks to the 27th. That will move our Cube Draft back to April 10th. And we need an idea for April 24th, the next available tournament day without a format. Damon suggested a Legacy (Vintage?) format tournament with 9 allowable proxies. Depending on Damon's schedule, I think we'll do this. However, I don't mind having a backup option just in case.

    On another scheduling note, I'm looking at May 1st being the Rise of the Eldrazi Draft. The set releases April 23rd, and without a guarantee I can get my boxes right on the 24th the next available Saturday closest to the release is May 1st. I don't know if that interferes with anyone else's plans for that day? If it does, we'll delay that until May 8th (which may be better so we can stay on schedule)

So here's the tentative schedule as it stands right now:

13th: Free Day*. I'll bring what I have of The Cube to get shuffled up (I've got way too many cards to easily shuffle by myself). Consider this Cube Draft Preview Weekend 1, so if you want to see the vast majority of what we'll use in the Cube this will be one weekend to do it.
20th: Free Day*. I'll bring my Cube again and we'll continue shuffling up. So...Cube Draft Preview Weekend 2!
27th: "THE LAST SAMURAI" TOURNAMENT; $2 Entry Fee, prizes will be pack splits from Worldwake

 3rd: Free Day*. Should bring my Cube one more time for final construction and shuffling. Cube Draft Preview Weekend 3!
10th: CUBE DRAFT! $2 Entry Fee (even though it's a draft, you're not buying packs. Cards come from my collection). I'll firm up the details as we get closer to the 10th.
17th: Free Day*
24th: LEGACY (VINTAGE?) PROXY TOURNAMENT; Follow the Legacy (Vintage?) banned/restricted list when building your decks, but you'll be allowed to use up to 9 proxies.

1st: Rise of the Eldrazi Draft. I'm looking at having only 2 boxes of ROE available, but if I get overwhelmed with demand I can buy another box. Just come back the week after I E-mail you I've got your order if that happens. SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDING ON FUTURE SCHEDULING
8th: Back-up Date: Rise of the Eldrazi Draft

*NOTE: "Free Day" is just a way of saying "Free Play/Trade." It sounds better, anyway.

That's as far as I have the schedule right now, nearly 2 months out.  Let me know if you know a tournament day you're interested in conflicts with your schedule or if you're not able to change things around and we'll see about further rescheduling.

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