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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Next Tournament: Kamigawa Color-Based "Sealed Deck"

Ever wanted to play just with the Kamigawa-block cards in a sealed-type environment? Don't have the boosters to do a proper sealed deck?

Let us provide!...Sort of.

One of our regulars is a Kamigawa-block collector and has enough of the cards to put together her own form of "sealed deck."

Tiff Higgins, our resident Kamigawa/Japan culture fanatic (and we mean that in the best way. ;)  ), has volunteered her collection for this idea.

She'll put her Kamigawa-block cards into color piles (one for each color). As we start the tournament, we'll randomly be assigned one pile. We'll then build a 40-card minimum deck (or maybe 60, depending on how big the piles are and her preference) and play a double elimination tournament.

If you've never played with Kamigawa Block much or it was your favorite block or you want something new to try, whatever the reason, don't miss March 13th as that's our day to run the tournament.

Entry fee is a cheap $2. We'll split as many packs of Worldwake as we can with the entry fee.

Come join us March 13th for a Samurai Rat Equipment Legend experience you won't forget!

(PS: Anyone have a better name than this?)

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