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Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 10th Tournament: Planechase Archenemy Multi-Player!

In a little over a month, we have Wayne's "Crazy World" Tournament! It involves using Planechase, but we didn't want to come up on the tournament cold on how to play Planechase.

So we're doing something a bit odd on the 10th. I saw this on a Twitter post and figured it might be interesting and crazy in its own way!

We're going to do a multi-player Planechase Archenemy tournament!

All players will get an even amount of Archenemy scheme cards for their Scheme Deck (even if that amount comes in under 20). There will also be a "communal" Planar Deck that we'll use throughout the tournament.

Shuffle your normal deck and your Scheme Deck. Your Scheme Deck is put somewhere so you'll remember where it is.

The game goes as normal except for the following 3 changes:
1) After you draw your opening 7 cards, you get 1 free mulligan (mulligan to 7 cards instead of 6). After that, mulligan like normal.
2) The player going first gets to draw a card during their Draw Step.

3) Each player gets to "set a scheme into motion" (flip over the top card of their Scheme Deck and carry out its effect(s)) at the start of their first Main Phase.

Aside from those 3 changes, everything goes as normal for an "everyone for themselves" game.

I'll have my Archenemy stuff with me this upcoming Saturday to show how you use Scheme cards. My hope is to give everyone a taste of "uber-power" that Archenemy schemes grant, and what combination of Planes and Schemes might be able to do to cause ultimate mayhem. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

So come around the next few weeks for some Archenemy fun before we focus on M11 two weeks after this.

We hope to see you soon!

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