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Friday, July 16, 2010

M11 Releases TODAY!

The second Core Set of the new "new + reprint" style comes out today! Magic 2011 Core Set, or M11, comes out with roughly half new cards and half reprints, with some cards new to M10 like Baneslayer Angel returning.

Remember that, for Standard, M10 does not rotate out yet. So enjoy your Siege-Gang Commanders, Vampire Nocturnous, and other M10 favorites that didn't make it to M11 while you can, because when Scars of Mirrodin releases in 2 1/2 months those and others that didn't get reprinted in M11 will be out for at least another year.

I won't have boxes tomorrow, but FedEx expects to deliver my 2 boxes Wednesday. Which sets us up for...

Next Saturday (7/24) is the M11 "Release" Draft! $2.50 per pack for loose packs, $8 entry for the draft ($2.50 per pack plus $.50 toward an additional prize pack split). I'll post our normal Draft rules next week for those who may be joining us for the first time. The Rares, a few Uncommons, and Lightning Bolt and Mana Leak make the set look nice value-wise; if you get a random loose pack, I'd say chances are good at making close to your $2.50 back.

And thanks again to Organized Play in Knoxville, we are looking at having promo Sun Titans and Ancient Hellkites to give away! I don't know how many of each we'll have, but I'll guarantee one Sun Titan and Ancient Hellkite to the winner, then random drawings for non-winners if I don't get enough to go around.

Win the M11 Draft, get these guaranteed!

Enjoy the new stuff in M11 if you get any before next Saturday!

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