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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scars of Mirrodin Spoiler Released! Plus Reprint Roundup

It's here! It's here!

The official Visual Spoiler is now updated with all the cards in Scars of Mirrodin! Check it out here: Official Scars of Mirrodin Visual Spoiler

As promised, though, I said I'd give you a reprint roundup to see what you don't have to spend money on here if you've already got the cards. And I may even be nice and give you some Scars of Mirrodin/M11/Zendikar-block Standard applications for them.

I count a total of XX reprints, so let's go ahead and get started...after the jump!

This set has 11 full reprints and 1 pseudo-reprint. So I'll list them all and go through a few of the more interesting ones.

Trinket Mage
*Two words: Basilisk Collar

Memoricide...kinda. It's a non-Arcane form of Cranial Extraction.

Bloodshot Trainee (okay...in a way, it's the first proper print of this pre-print)

*Two more words for ya (pic from the official visual spoiler):
Yep. Now you can Shatter a Planeswalker, land, creature, enchantment...or  you could help out your own Metalcraft abilities if you start getting on the short side of your artifact count.

"Mana Myr" (Silver Myr, for example; one for each color)
* We have an infinite mana combo, folks. Any 2 of these "mana myr" + 2 of the following card = No excuse for you not to win very soon after.

Get the setup?

1) Tap 2 Silver Myrs to get 2 Blue mana.
2) Use 1 Blue mana and tap one Myr Galvanizer to untap both Silver Myrs.
3) Tap both Silver Myrs again to generate 2 Blue mana. Now you're at 3 total Blue mana.
4) Use 1 Blue mana and tap the other Myr Galvanizer to untap both Silver Myrs and the first Myr Galvanizer.
5) Rinse and repeat for a net gain of 2 mana each cycle.

I tell ya, that goes great with the next reprint...


Yes, it still costs around 10 mana to cast and activate in the same turn. Yes, it still sacrifices. Yes, it still controls your opponent's turn.

So why is it good with the Myr Galvanizer combo?

See the new Soul Foundry...

Yes. It's no Academy Ruins, but it's close. True, you've gotta have both in your hand, but that's what Control is built for. ;)

That's it today. I'll try to do a Top 10 list or something in the next week, and this weekend I'll get the Cube Draft videos posted.

Until later, have a good day/week!

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