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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Updated Schedule: Dicehead SOM Pre-Release and Cube Schedule Shuffle

It's a new month, which means we've got a new schedule!

We're still doing our American Pride Day on 9/11. Instead of staying at home and wallowing over the day, do what the terrorists don't want you to do, which is enjoy your freedom and go on with your lives. I know it may sound like an extremist Republican saying, but I feel that's as real as it gets.

So we'll enjoy our freedom with the Magic: The Gathering version of a "Thank You" to those who serve our country.

The basic rules are simple: Bring in a deck that contains only Red, White, and/or Blue cards (determined by mana cost)* and play with that deck to get 1 free pack of Magic 2011!

We're talking about going to the Scars of Mirrodin Pre-Release up at Dicehead in Cleveland. If we do, we're going to re-arrange our schedule to fit with a regular who can only come down once every two weeks. To do this, we're moving the 3rd Cube Draft up to September 18th. I've got the cards I want to add to this Cube, so we're ready from that standpoint. The Cube Draft was scheduled for October 2nd, so this move makes that a free day.

Everything else stays the same, including our normal local post-Release event for Scars of Mirrodin.

So now...The Schedule!

9/11: American Pride Day. Show up and play with a deck consisting of only Red, White, and Blue cards and get a free pack of M11!*
9/18: Cube Draft 3, including a special set of additions for this round.**
9/25: Scars of Mirrodin Pre-Release Event at Dicehead Games & Comics. We'll meet at the church at 10:00 and go straight to Dicehead (those who live closer to Cleveland just go straight on). $25 Entry Fee, which should include 6 packs of Scars of Mirrodin (for Sealed Play) and the Pre-Release foil. Tournament starts at 6:00, though, so be prepared for a long day. (Yes, if we're going for the promo card, it's best we be there extra early to ensure we've got a card.).

10/2: Casual Day
10/9: Scars of Mirrodin "Release" Draft, details TBD
10/16: Casual Day
10/23: Tournament, Format TBD.
10/30: Casual Day, may do some kind of Halloween special deal but I'm not sure yet.

*Details of this promotion are updated from last week:

1) Colorless artifact cards are okay so long as they A) could produce at least 1 of the 3 colors or B) have activation costs requiring colored costs of at least 1 of the 3 colors.

2) Multi-color cards are okay as long as they are at least 2 of the 3 colors and only those colors. For example, Lightning Helix is okay since it's R/W, but Woolly Thoctar isn't because it has Green in its cost.

3) Lands that provide multiple colors of mana are okay as long as they could produce at least 1 of the 3 colors.

4) *ADDITION* The spirit of this theme day is to allow Red, White, and Blue cards to shine. But by allowing cards that could generate Green and/or Black mana, you could include White cards that have Green abilities and utilize off-color abilites. To close this loophole, any Green or Black mana produced is instead treated as Colorless. For example, Seaside Citadel provides either Green, White, or Blue mana. If you choose "Green", instead it produces 1 Colorless mana.

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