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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coming Soon: Full SOM Spoiler, Tournament Schedule, Cube Videos

How's everyone doing today?

I thought I'd better get some business out of the way while it was still fresh on my mind (and I had the energy to post it. :p  ).


The full spoiler for Scars of Mirrodin comes out tonight at midnight. If you're going to a Pre-Release this weekend (where you can get that nice Wurmcoil Engine. ;)  ;)  ), you might want to scope out the spoiler and see what you think will be good, great, and not so hot. A little preparation may go a long way in the Sealed Deck format.

In the next few days, I'll post a re-cap of the reprints (and one "pre-print" from Future Sight finally seeing the light of legitimate day) before the Pre-Release.

I'm updating the schedule here to include a few off-weekends and to schedule new tournaments. (The full updated schedule is just below the list of changes.)

Changes include:
1) OFF WEEKEND this weekend. Some of us are going up to Dicehead in Cleveland for their Pre-Release (yeah, we're cardboard crack addicts. At least we admit it!).

2) Our next tournament is our Scars of Mirrodin Post-Release on October 9th. $8 entry fee gets you 3 packs of Scars of Mirrodin from which we'll draft. Prizes are as usual, and if Organized Play in Knoxville comes through like they have the last few sets we'll have Steel Hellkites and Wurmcoil Engines to give away! I'll probably buy at least 1 of each though if I can't confirm how many of each we may get, so we'll have at least one of each promo ready to hand out.

3) October 23rd is now a Casual Day. The next tournament will be October 30th.


9/25: Scars of Mirrodin Pre-Release Event at Dicehead Games & Comics. $25 Entry Fee, which should include 6 packs of Scars of Mirrodin (for Sealed Play) and the Pre-Release foil Wurmcoil Engine. Tournament starts at 6:00, so be prepared for a long day.

10/2: Casual Day
10/9: Scars of Mirrodin "Release" Draft, details TBD
10/16: Casual Day
10/23: Casual Day
10/30: Tournament Format TBD, may do some kind of Halloween special but I'm not sure yet.

I recorded gameplay videos from the Cube Draft we did this past weekend. I'll post those sometime before the Pre-Release. 

Enjoy the remainder of Scars of Mirrodin Spoiler Season! And be sure to check out the full SOM spoiler starting at midnight. It's sure to be a great rest of the set!

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