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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Commander Ban List and Rules Update: December 2010

(All information comes from MTGCommander.net)

With the upcoming release of Commander theme decks next year, the EDH Commander rules committee have made some rules changes that will impact deck construction on a few generals now and possibly open up some design space for Wizards of the Coast to work with in future sets. As well, they've gotten rid of a big Eldrazi-sized thorn in the Commander format's side.

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn is now banned.

No more tentacle rape for you!

Emrakul was warping games. And apparently if you built your deck right, it could come out multiple times in a game. If your local group hadn't already banned Emrakul, here's the official update proclaiming "no more!".

Previous to this update, Commanders had to only have the colors of their mana cost. This meant cards like Bosh, Iron Golem or Thelon of Havenwood couldn't be used as Generals Commanders. The colors in their effects didn't match up with the colors (or lack thereof) in their mana costs.

Now, the "color identity" rule exists.

Along with a creature's mana cost, any costs and/or effects and/or any characteristic-defining abilities will determine the color(s) of a card (and more importantly, a Commander). (This does not include reminder text).

A few examples of potential Commanders this opens up: Memnarch; Bosh, Iron Golem; Thelon of Havenwood; Daughter of Autumn

You know you've always wanted to build around her as a Commander. Admit it!

If there are any other changes because of this rule, I'm oblivious since I don't keep up with EDH/Commander. If anyone out there has further implications of this rules change, feel free to post below.

Enjoy building your new Emrakul-free, "off-color" Commander decks! :)

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