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Friday, December 17, 2010

Possibility of Mirrodin Beseiged Pre-Release HERE!

I've got some exciting news for SMM!

Morgan Hardy, the guy who runs Organized Play in Knoxville, has made an offer we can't refuse...if we can get the crowd for it.

Morgan's suggested that he can come down here to run a Mirrodin Beseiged Pre-Release the morning of January 29th!

Yes, you heard that sound in the back of your head right. We're nearing legitimacy as a Hixson gathering ground for Magic players.

Here are the details as best I know them (so all details are subject to change):

SMM Mirrodin Beseiged Pre-Release (Tentative)
Site: Baha'i Faith Center, 2405 Hamill Road, Hixson, TN 37343
Date: January 29, 2010
Time: We'll open the doors at 8:30 AM, Pre-Release at 9 AM. Morgan has to make the run from Knoxville and be back in time to run his Pre-Releases at Organized Play, so we're going to try and accommodate his schedule as best as we can.
Format: Sealed Deck; make a 40-card decks from the contents of 3 Scars of Mirrodin packs, 3 special Mirrodin Beseiged faction-alligned** packs, and basic lands.
Entry Fee: $25-$30, like a normal Pre-Release
What do you get for the Entry Fee: 6 packs (noted above) and a Pre-Release Foil Promo card (card TBA).

**So what are these "faction-alligned" boosters anyway?

The story of Scars of Mirrodin starts with the Phyrexian hordes invading the plane of Mirrodin (the home of planeswalker Karn, Memnarch, Glissa, Slobad, and others from 2003-2004). As the Phyrexians start to take over, the locals of Mirrodin, calling themselves the Mirrans, fight to fend off the poisonous advances of the mechanical lifeforms attempting to convert Mirrodin into a "New Phyrexia".

Specifically for the Pre-Release, Mirrodin Beseiged will have its packs split into two factions: One set of packs for the Mirran side of the conflict, one for Phyrexia. A Mirran pack of Mirrodin Beseiged will have only Mirran-watermarked Mirrodin Beseiged cards in it (basic land and foils notwithstanding), while the Phyrexian pack will have only Phyrexian-watermarked Mirrodin Beseiged cards.

From this Magic Arcana

When you sign up, you'll choose one of these factions: either Mirran (so far, all colors) or Phyrexian (so far, only Black, Green, and artifacts, with some Blue involved). You'll get 3 packs of Scars of Mirrodin, which are normal packs you're used to getting, and 3 packs of either Mirran-aligned or Phyrexian-alligned Mirrodin Beseiged boosters.

Again, all these details are tentative, meaning "subject to change."

HOWEVER, I need to see what kind of interest level we can get for this. If you're interested in having a Pre-Release directly in the Hixson/Chattanooga area, feel free to leave a comment or E-mail me directly at CardGameNut@gmail.com . If I can get enough interest, it just may be worth Morgan's time and effort to join us. And we can finally thank the man face-to-face for all he's able to do for us down here. :)

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