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Friday, March 18, 2011

Charity Tournament Update and Knights vs. Dragons Duel Deck Lists

Hey guys! Hopefully I can be back to some regular posting, even if it's fairly brief. No promises, though.

Just to kind of update what we have for the charity event, so far I've got 1 Cryptic Command on the way and Morgan Hardy of OrganizedPlay in Knoxville will see what he can do. Also, I've got promo Everflowing Chalices that I'll use up to hand out here.

So far, then, the prize pool stands at:
1x Cryptic Command
2x-4x Everflowing Chalice promos (don't know how many are in the wrapper. Should be 4, but I'm saying 2 to be conservative)
Some random card(s)/stuff Morgan comes up with.

If you know anyone who would love to give to Japan and have some fun doing it playing Magic, let them know about this event. We'll run it April 2nd. If you know someone who wants to give prizes for this, however they can help, I'll be happy to have it.

I'll also discuss tomorrow what format we'll use, final entry fee, etc. If you want to be part of that discussion, come and take part. Otherwise, leave feedback here or in the post below this one.

NOW...how about some Magic release news, huh?

April 1st is the release date for the next Duel Decks release, Knights vs. Dragons. One store got their allotment early and spoiled the lists. You can find the lists here: http://forums.mtgsalvation.com/showthread.php?t=276474

For those who don't click on the link, the deck comes with Knight of the Reliquary and Bogardan Hellkite as the Mythic Rare foils in the deck. Other noteable Rares include Knight of the White OrchidLoxodon Warhammer (with new art), and Thunder Dragon (not sure if they'll use the From the Vaults or Starter 1999 artwork).

If you're wondering if this is worth the $20...ehh, it depends on what you think of the decks as a whole. I like the Knights deck, but the Dragons are a complete and utter random pile. I was wondering how far they could go with a Dragon theme for a deck. The answer was, not too far.

If you're looking at card values, I'd say stay away from this deck. If you do anything with it, buy it now and hold onto it sealed for a while. If it follows the trends of most other Duel Decks, just having a sealed copy will get you profit in the long run. I just don't know about opening this up and piecing out the cards.

That's all I've got for today. This weekend I'll finalize the charity event information and give you a Two-Headed Giant rules update involving Poison.

Until then, take care!

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