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Monday, March 21, 2011

Final Details for Japan Charity Tournament, 4/2

Hello everyone.
  If you've been following the updates on the Japan Charity Tournament, you've seen a lot of "tentative" or "tbd" type of musings here.

  Well, today we're going to finalize most of the information.


WHEN: April 2nd, 2011 @ 11:00 AM. Late comers may buy a bye for Round 1 by paying another $2 (also to charity) but you will have a 0-0 win-loss record to start and must play in Round 2. No "late bye buy-ins" will be allowed after Round 2 starts.

Baha'i Faith Center
2405 Hamill Road
Hixson, TN 37343

If you need directions, tell me if you're coming from Highway 153 on the Chickamauga Dam or from the Wal-Mart on Highway 153 and I can give you directions if you don't trust Google Maps or Mapquest.

ENTRY FEE: $6, all of which will go to charity. If you are late, you may enter in Round 2 for a $2 "late bye buy-in." You will start with a 0-0 record, though, and must play in Round 2.

FORMAT: Legacy with Proxies Allowed
  NOTE: You MUST have fast access to current Gatherer wordings for your proxies. You cannot go searching on a computer, laptop, cell phone, etc. for your proxy information.

TOURNAMENT STYLE: Swiss Format, with total round numbers to be determined based on the final number of participants after Round 1 starts. A Top 8 playoff may or may not happen, depending on how long we can stay at the church. Each player will get 3 points for a match win and 1 point for a match draw.

OVERTIME PROCEDURE FOR A MATCH: Players will take a total of 5 turns after time is called to finish a game. Whoever has the higher life total after the 5 total turns are over wins the match. If the life totals are tied, the match is a tie. I'm doing this in order to keep the games flowing.

TIES FOR TOP 8: Should we have a tie on points for the 8th place position, the player who finished their final match first will get the position. If this method does not work out (for example, I can't be 100% certain of who finished a match first because both/all Top 8 contenders report their matches at the same time), whoever beat the higher-ranked player in that final match will get the 8th place position. (For example, I have 3 people tied for 8th place after reporting. If I can't determine who finished their game ahead of the others, I'll look at the rankings of their opponents prior to that round. Player A played the 10th place player, Player B played the 13th place player, and Player C played the 9th place player. Player C gets the spot since he had to beat the highest-ranked player among the 3 matches).

PRIZES: This section is still under construction, but so far (as of 3/21/11) we have...
1x Lorwyn Cryptic Command (courtesy Jason Pongonis, aka Microstar22 on MTGSalvation.com)
1x Metalworker (courtesy me. Don't say I never do anything nice. :p  )
4x FNM promo Everflowing Chalice (courtesy Morgan Hardy from Organized Play)
2x Gateway promo Plague Stinger (courtesy Morgan Hardy from Organized Play)
1x Time Spiral (added 3/22) (courtesy Patrick, aka itfeltsowierd on MTGSalvation.com)
1x Spell Snare (added 3/22) (courtesy Patrick, aka itfeltsowierd on MTGSalvation.com)
1x Tutore Mistico (Italian Mystical Tutor) (added 3/22) (courtesy Patrick, aka itfeltsowierd on MTGSalvation.com)
1x set of 5 foils for each color (added 3/22) (courtesy Frank)
1x set of sleeves (added 3./22)  (courtesy Frank)

I have 2 people looking for more potential prizes. I'll add more as I get more. I'll also add the names of the people responsible for donations.
Prize distribution will be finalized probably on March 31st.

Let's remember that the most important part of this tournament is that we're helping Japan a little with their recovery efforts. While I haven't decided on a charity yet, I will take ideas. I'd like to find a trusted charity that's working on the damage the radiation from the nuclear plants has caused as well as finding preventative measures for those who haven't been affected yet.

Thanks for your time, and please RSVP when you can by commenting here. Let's do some good with this tournament. :)

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