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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Avacyn Restored Previews Part 2! Casting from Exile? Titan-esque Cards? Geist of Saint Traft as an Equip?

Hello again, and welcome to another round of Avacyn Restored previews!

Since it's been a while since some of the previews I wanted to do have been out and discussed to death, probably, I wanted to focus some attention on newer previews.

First off, we have a new Mythic Griffin to show you. Yes, you heard me right...Mythic Rare Griffin! And the nice thing is, he works wonderfully with another Mythic from Innistrad.

Introducing...Misthollow Griffin!

From MTGSalvation.com

Okay...so you may not be a big fan of it off the bat. 4 mana for a 3/3 Flier is kinda under the radar.

But read the next part.

Yes...it can be cast from Exile! Yes, that's right. When using him to fuel cards like Skaab Ruinator you're effectively not losing anything because you can always cast him later. And if they counter him? Just 1 more for the Ruinator feeding frenzy for Ruinator #2!

As well, this has a few potentials for yourself. If you're desperate for mana or life, for example, you could always Path to Exile or Swords to Plowshares (respectively) your own Misthollow Griffin and re-cast it, effectively netting you advantage where otherwise you'd have none. As well, for blue deck it's a good anti-Leyline of the Void card.

I feel this is a card that will be undervalued at first. But when people realize the power of casting a creature that otherwise should have never again seen the light of day, I'd expect a bump in play accordingly.

Next, it's no huge secret the Titans from M11/M12 won't be back in M13 (initially, WotC was worried about players feeling cheated to have powerful cards in a Core Set only be legal for 1 year. Instead, they found the opposite was true thanks to the Titans). So the community was thinking "The Titan reign is over!"

Well...for the most part, yes. But WotC seems to be looking at a new generation of "Titans", or cards loosely based on how the Titans became so powerful.

Let me introduce you to one. He's a 6/6 for 4GG and has Trample...sound familiar? But instead of a Harrow-like effect, we get a Glimpse of Nature-type of effect.

Oh, and did I mention this card is only a Rare?

Presenting...Soul of the Harvest!

From DailyMTG.com

Oh yeah! I'd definitely play this. 6/6 for 6 with Trample is good in and of itself. But then I get to draw cards whenever a regular ol' creature of mine enters the battlefield? Well, considering green doesn't generally get good draw cards I'd have to say this is a wonderful treat at an affordable price. :)

Legacy won't go for it. It's too slow. But I wouldn't be surprised to see him in some kind of B/W Reanimator deck in Standard. Then again, it may be doing enough good things already and won't need this. Perhaps G/B?

And finally tonight (yeah, I know. Short spoilers. But life gets in the way, unfortunately. :(  ), we have the other Titan-esque card. It's not a creature card. It's not an Artifact that costs 2 extra to target it. No...it's a new Planeswalker!

Let me introduce to you...Tamiyo, the Moon Sage!

From DailyMTG.com

If you're like me, you're probably thinking "Wait...what's she doing on a Jace frame?" lol. Indeed, this is the first mono-blue Planeswalker since Tezzeret the Seeker to not be a Jace of some kind.

So why did I clump her in with the "Titan-esque" cards? Because...well, her first effect is pretty much Frost Titan's "When this enters the battlefield or attacks..." effect. And we know how powerful that is. :)

As for her other effects, they're all very nice. Her -2 is very powerful. Just tap all your lands (adding all that mana to your mana pool), then do -2 to refill your hand. Assuming you cast her off your lands, that's a minimum of 5 cards drawn! (EDIT: ...Ahem, that's if all your lands are creatures, anyway. -_-'') But still, opponent gets an attack going and you stop it? Next turn, draw you a ton of cards from a failed alpha strike. :)

As for her final ability, let me be clear that while I think it's a cool effect it's probably not going to matter much. I'd think that once you got to 8 loyalty you'd have been locking down their best creature for 4 turns while you're attacking as much as possible. But if you get it, not only do you get an unlimited hand size but anything that goes to your graveyard comes back! Yes, that includes Instants and Sorceries you cast. Imagine some of the Rite of Flame/Grapeshot stuff you could do if your deck is built in a "slowly but surely" manner. I ain't a-skeered of no Counterspells! :p

That's it for tonight. I may do one more round of previews before the set Pre-Releases or gets spoiled. But generally, you can go to DailyMTG.com and look for the Avacyn Restored product page link about halfway down the page, then go to the card image gallery to get most of the preview updates.

Until Saturday (for the charity tournament), see you all later! :)

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