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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Upcoming Expenses for Tournaments and Leagues: Pre-Pay Encouraged

Hey all!
  I just wanted to break down the upcoming costs of tournaments we'll be having for the next few months (yes, months. But that's because of a new Innistrad-based League starting 3 weeks after the set releases).

DATE: April 21st

LOCATION: 1494 Bahlsprings Lane, Hixson TN 37343 (The Baha'i are needing the church for their business)

ENTRY FEE: I'm looking for a minimum of $5 from everyone who plays. You may bring more. 100% of the entry fee will go to the Chattanooga-area Food Bank.

DATE: May 12th

LOCATION: Baha'i Faith Center (address is as the top of the blog)

ENTRY FEE: $9. This gets you 3 packs of Avacyn Restored for drafting plus puts a little into the prize pool for additional packs. Pre-pays get priority on the promos ahead of those who show up and pay day-of.

NOTE: I do allow people to pre-pay for "loose packs" (packs that were not used in the draft). However, first priority to pack buying comes after I'm sure there's enough packs to go around for draft.

* INNISTRAD LEAGUE 2.0 (where players can take their pick among all of Innistrad for their pack choices IF I can get enough money to afford 3 total boxes ahead of time)
DATE: May 26th - August 18th (6 periods of  roughly 2 weeks each)

LOCATION: Baha'i Faith Center

ENTRY FEE: One of 2 ways you can pay...
1) Pay for each period that comes up. Broken down, this is a) $18.50 for the initial entry ($16.50 for your 6 packs + $2 into the 1st period prize pool), then b) $5 roughly every 2 weeks after that ($2.75 toward your 1 new pack + $2.25 toward the 2nd period prize pool).


2) $43.50 up front

NOTE: When paying, please let me know what 6-pack arrangement (eg: 6x Avacyn Restored, 2x of each set, 3x Dark Ascension and 3x Innistrad, etc.) you'd like to start out with so I can see what I need to order.

I do encourage early payment so I can secure the boxes we'll need. Without at least some early payers, it's a financial hardship on me at the moment. So I'm asking to please pre-pay so it'll be easier to help afford all the things we'll need for these tournaments.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy these events when they come up! I know I will. :)

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