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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Charity Tournament Update: New Location, More Prizes!

Hey all!
  I wanted to make a few updates to our 2nd Annual Saturday Morning Magic of Hixson Charity Tournament (previous details: http://cglhixson.blogspot.com/2012/04/2nd-annual-saturday-morning-magic.html).

1) Because the Baha'i are needing the church for a meeting, we will have to meet elsewhere. One of our regulars has volunteered to let us use his place to play. We will not be limited to time there except by the earlier leave time of anyone who's playing. If you plan on playing in the charity tournament, we'll hold it at:

1494 Dahl Springs Lane
Hixson, TN 37343

If you need directions, you can type the address into Google Maps or call Jennifer Legacy at 423-704-7273.

Jennifer has offered to cook for us if we'll all chip in a little extra money, maybe upwards of $5 to help with dinner but only give what you can afford. She can either cook out or we can chip in on something she can order and bring back to us. It's our call on that, but she's willing to help.

2) We have a few more prizes to add into the prize pool! Up for grabs from Wayne Eanes is a Frost TitanTrepanation Blade, and a Scotty McCreary CD (I kid you not...lol.)

3) We'll be playing for the Chattanooga-area Food Bank. All donations will go straight to them.

If there are any more updates, I'll post them here. Hopefully by Monday I can get another batch of Avacyn Restored previews up for your musings and judgments.

Until then, take care everyone! :)

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