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Monday, January 9, 2012

IMPORTANT: Dark Ascension Post-Release. MUST READ!


Okay, guys, I have a situation on my hands.

Thanks to my prolonged schooling, I'm running out of cash...FAST!

After I buy my book for this semester (yes, BOOK! I only have one class. Yay! :)  ), I'm dangerously low on funds.

MEANING...this is gonna affect my Dark Ascension booster box ordering.

Here's the deal: In order for me to ensure I have the cash to buy our Dark Ascension boxes, I kinda NEED to have pre-signups and pre-pays.

It also means I can't take "IOUs" like I've done in the past. I've GOTTA have cash this time around.

So what's the entry fee?

Same as always: $9. I'm not greedy here! lol! I just need an influx of cash quickly!

What I'd LIKE to get, though, is the number of people interested in the Post-Release and a Pre-Pay from them before Release Day. That'll help me pay for at least 1 box, maybe 2 depending on how many pre-pays I get.

You can also Pre-Pay for loose packs, too. That'll also go toward box buying if you Pre-Pay.

Here's how it'll work: You Pre-Pay for the Post-Release, I'll guarantee you a choice of if you want the Pre-Release promo (if I get any) or the Release Promo...even if you've already been to one! (Remember, in the past I've restricted it to "If you've been to a Pre-Release, you don't get a Pre-Release card unless I have enough to go around." Now you have the option of doubling up on a promo!). It'll still be one promo per person (the rest will be used throughout Innistrad League as part of the prize pools), but it's free choice of which one you want (if I get Pre-Release promos AND While Supplies Last)

You can choose not to pre-pay and just show up on the day of the Post-Release and pay there. But I warn you, if I don't get a lot of pre-pays then I can only afford 1 box. And at that point, you're risking I don't already have 12 people who are ONLY drafting. If I get only 1 box, there's a chance I won't have loose boosters available until 1-2 weeks later.


1) I'm low on cash, meaning I can't GUARANTEE I can afford enough Dark Ascension to last through the Post-Release for both the event AND loose pack buying.

2) To help ensure I can afford to get enough, I'm asking people who already know they'll be doing our Post-Release to please pre-sign up and pre-pay. The more pre-pays I get, the more I can guarantee enough boxes (and therefore boosters) to go around.

3) You can pre-pay for loose packs, too. This will help TREMENDOUSLY!

4) If you don't pre-pay, and if my pre-pays are few and far between, I'm only gonna guarantee one box, which means at most 12 entrants for the Post-Release draft AND possibly no loose packs for 1-2 weeks while I resupply.

If you're interested in the Post-Release (February 10th, the week after Release Weekend as always) and KNOW you'll play in it, please Facebook message me, E-mail me (CardGameNut@gmail.com), and pay ASAP. Let me know 1) If you're playing in the Post-Releaes ($9) and 2) how many loose packs you want ($2.75 per pack, as always). (I ask you keep those separate so I can make sure I prioritize Post-Release players from loose pack buyers)

Priorities will go to Post-Release players first, and only for draft entry. Loose packs will be sold after the Post-Release draft starts.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation! :)

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