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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Innistrad Points Update: Final Period 1 and Current Period 2

 We're into a new 2-week period in our Innistrad League! Yay! Congrats to everyone who played. And we didn't just play, we played hard. We had 29 total matches played last period. Consider that each match had to be a minimum of 2 games and we have at least 58 games played in 2 weeks. Whew! That's a lot of card playing!

I feel everyone got something good, so at least you know your entry fee goes toward something nice and useful. :)

The final results for Period 1 were:

1. David McKnight, with 15 points and a 100% win percentage for his 5 best matches.
2. Shaun Walker, with 15 points and a 83.3% win percentage
3. Danny Mullinax, with 12 points
4. Wayne Eanes, with 10 points
5. Preston Hamill, with 9 points and a 61.54% win percentage.
6. Jonathan Taylor, with 9 points and a 60% win percentage.
7. Marcus, with 9 points and a 50% win percentage (I mis-recorded his match totals)
8. Jenn, with 3 points
9. Tiff Higgins, with 0 points. :(

These points will go into the overall placings total, so what you see here is the current overall placings as well. :)

On to this period though! Already we have 8 matches completed in the last 6 days. For some, the extra pack changed their decks up in a big way. Right now only David has not played any games (that I have on record, anyway).

1st: Shaun, with 6 points
2nd: Tiff, with 3 points and a 100% win percentage
3rd: TIE, Jonathan and Wayne with 3 points each and 2-1 game records.
5th: Jenn, with 3 points and 60% win percentage
6th: Preston, with 3 points and a 50% win percentage.
7th: Danny, with 0 points but a 20% win percentage.
8th: Marcus, with 0 points and a 0% win percentage
9th: David, with no matches played yet.

These points standings and win percentages can change DRASTICALLY, though! We still have a week and a half in the period. Today's 9th place player may be Saturday's commanding #1 player. :)

We also may have 1-2 more player starting Saturday, so we could see a HUUUGE shake-up!

I have a box of Innistrad on the way. If you want to play in the League, I'm taking sign-ups as late as next Saturday (January 28th). The price will be $21.50 total. This gets you 7 packs of Innistrad and puts $2.25 into the prize pool for this period. If you're local enough and want to meet during the week to get your pool together, we can arrange that so you won't have to worry about doing so much the first Saturday you're here. :)

I'll catch you all later! :)

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