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Friday, January 13, 2012

Feedback Needed: Change in Tiebreaker Rules Needed?

Hey everyone!

I'll update points later tonight, but I wanted to get some feedback on something that might need to change.

As it stands right now, 2-way ties in points would be dealt with by a match at SMM  before prizes are distributed.

However, we now have 9 people in the League. This opens the possibility more and more for 3 or more people to tie on points. We are also usually short on time at SMM, so a tiebreaker match may draw the league time out a bit because it would delay prize distribution.

I wanted to see how everyone felt about using each player's win percentage each period as the tiebreakers instead, THEN if it's still a tie do a match.

If we do that, do we want to base the win percentages on ALL the games a person plays, or do we pick out their best 5 matches like we do for the points themselves and count the win percentages from there?

I've tested both ways (count all matches vs. only count the best 5) and so far there's not much difference because hardly anyone can get more than 5 matches in (I think 4 of us COULD on Saturday, and 2 of us are already there).

What do you all think?

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