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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

League Standings Updates, Heading Into Home Stretch of Period 1!

Hey guys!
  I thought you'd all like an update on how the standings are going for Innistrad League.

Right now we have 6 players: myself, David "Ducky" McKnight, Marcus, Jenn, Wayne Eanes, and Tiff Higgins.

We started off strong with 5 of those 6 players starting 2 Saturdays ago. We have since added Tiff and she's got a League match and some trades under her belt.

Since the last update, we've had the following happen:

* Marcus completed one more match against Ducky, winning it 2-1.
* Wayne and I have completed 2 league matches (the most we can do against each other). He won both, taking one 2-1 and the other 2-0.
* I beat Tiff today, going 2-0.

The updated standings are as follows:

Marcus: 12 Points (UNDEFEATED! And needing 1 more match to count for points)
Wayne: 9 Points (Needing to complete 1 match to count his points)
Preston: 6 Points (and completed all my matches. :)  I'm going for replacement points now.)
Jenn: 0 Points (2 Completed and 3 remaining)
Ducky: 0 Points (1 completed, 1 in progress against Wayne, and 3 more needed after)
Tiff: 0 Points (1 completed, needs 4 more)

I've also run into a snafu with new player additions. I only have enough boosters left to add 1 more person this weekend, then I have to wait until I get a new box. What this means is that some players are gonna start further behind than they already are if they start within the next 2 weeks just because of a supply issue.

So we're fixing that (and I'll make a separate post about it here as well).

Since we have our quarterly Post-Release on February 11th, which is usually a League Saturday (where we finish up our Period matches, do prizes, and distribute the next pack), instead of counting for a new points period from January 28th through February 11th we'll do a "Bonus Period." You'll still get your pack on the 28th, but there will be no prizes on the line. You'll only pay $2.75 to get your next pack. Then, during those 2 weeks, you can complete up to 3 total matches (total may change based on feedback) to replace previous bad match scores with improved new ones. Then, after the Dark Ascension Post-Release, we'll start back on a normal schedule: you'll get 1 pack of Dark Ascension to add to your League pool and $5 will cover your entry for that period.

Again, I apologize for what may be some forced delays in getting started. I'm hoping the Bonus Period helps make up for it.

If you have any questions, let me know! I'd be happy to help. :)

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