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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Innistrad League, Week 1 Update!

Hey all! A few things to update you all on the Innistrad League:

1) Because deck building took so long today, I'm extending the time to earn points for the opening 2-week period to 1:30 PM on January 14th. At 1:30, I'll calculate the totals, we'll do prizes, and then add a new pack to our League pools.

2) From the 14th until the end of the League, you'll have until 1:30 PM 2 weeks later to earn your points for a certain 2-week period. This should allow time without having to worry about deck building/modifying time.

3) To be eligible for overall prizes, I'll keep registration open until the morning of January 28th. By that point we'll have 1 pack added to our pools with a second one coming at the end of the day.

4) Do you want me to get score pads for you to keep track of your matches and match records more easily?

5) We're looking to shorten up the League total run time from May to April, possibly sooner. What do you all think?

Remember, you can still get in on this first round of Innistrad League up through the start of the day January 14th. After that you'll be running for the second 2-week stint between the 14th and 28th. After the 28th, no new entries will be accepted.

As for how things ran today, we got 5 people initially signed up (and plenty of room for more! :) ). We also got 5 full matches done and here are the results so far:

Marcus: 9 points
Wayne: 3 points
Preston: 3 points
David: 0 points
Jenn: 0 points

I know I've already changed my deck around quite radically due to some unexpected variances in how a few of our players are running their decks. This sets up for an interesting League moving forward. :)

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