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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Initial Worldwake Price Impressions

Part of the fun of spoiler season and the excitement of a new set for me personally is what will the Rares and some of the Uncommons go for?

We've learned from Tarmogoyf and Baneslayer Angel that we don't want to miss the boat on anything good and cheap and full of potential.

So what are my picks for undervalued cards?

Because of time constraints, I'm going to focus a bit on one card right now. That card?

Death's Shadow  We've seen what a one-mana 12/12 could potentially do. Now we have a 1-mana 13/13...with the condition that you're at 0 life. Not a problem. That's the purpose of Platinum Angel! If you're at a negative life total with Platinum Angel out, not only do you live, you'll have a huge Death's Shadow (for example, if you're at -20, your Death's Shadow "loses" -(-20)/-(-20), or in actuality +20/+20 [Algebra 1: "minus a negative means plus a positive"], making it a 33/33.) Hmm...Behemoth Sledge never looked so good! And thanks to Ranger of Eos (a card finally seeing the love it deserved, play-wise and price-wise) it's never too late to have Death's Shadow ready to go.

But let's take this outside the realm of Standard. Extended still has Pandemonium and Angel's Grace legal. Cast Angel's Grace so you don't lose, cast Ranger of Eos to fetch out a Death's Shadow or two, have Eos' Pandemonium damage target you to help power up Death's Shadow, then hopefully if you're at a low enough life total you can just pop off 2 Death's Shadow for game and match.

Death's Shadow is currently running around the $1-$2 each range. I say pick them up if you can get them for around $5 per playset. Something tells me he'll be around $4-$5 each at his highest if he just finds a tournament deck. If he gets a deck good enough to Top 8 some Pro Tours and Grand Prixs, expect higher but I think the ceiling will be around $7-$8 if it were to get anywhere near that high.

Comments? Suggestions? Leave a comment here. I look forward to doing more of these, so any suggestions to help it out are greatly appreciated.

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